Law to strengthen measures against infectious diseases passed in China, which was pointed out as a delay in the initial action in Corona October 18, 11:28

In China, where it was pointed out that the initial response was delayed due to the spread of the new coronavirus, a law was enacted to strengthen measures such as requesting prompt reports from related organizations when an infectious disease or a disease of unknown cause is found. ..

In China, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the 17th passed and passed the "Biosafety Law," which stipulates measures for dealing with infectious diseases and reporting.

The law stipulates that medical institutions and other related organizations should promptly report any infectious disease or illness of unknown cause, and should not cover up or leak the report.

Furthermore, in addition to establishing a system for the government to investigate the source of infection, the government is prepared to centrally announce information such as the risk of infectious diseases, and it also includes punishment for organizations and individuals who have spread hoaxes. ..

In China, the initial infection of the new coronavirus has expanded, it has been pointed out that there was a delay in the initial response and the information provided by authorities, acknowledged that there was a defect in the corresponding at a meeting of Xi Jinping Jintao also this year in February , I was instructed to prepare myself.

On the other hand, in Wuhan, where the infection first spread, a doctor who called for caution on SNS before the authorities announced the infection was punished as "a hoax", and when an infectious disease occurs in the future , Authorities may also use this law to tighten information controls.