Floods in various places due to heavy rain in Cambodia 24 people died October 18th 10:52

In Cambodia, Southeast Asia, heavy rains that have been falling intermittently for the past week have caused floods in various parts of the country, killing 24 people so far.

It is expected that it will continue to rain for a while, and there are concerns about the spread of damage.

Over the past week or so, Cambodia has been suffering from flood damage such as intermittent heavy rains and flooding of the river in Phnom Penh, the capital city.

According to local media, at least 24 people have been confirmed dead, about 60,000 homes and other buildings have been flooded, and more than 26,000 have been forced to evacuate.

In the footage shot in Phnom Penh on the 16th, the area was submerged up to the height of a person's waist, and people were seen evacuating by boarding a boat.

Rain is expected to continue for some time in a wide area of ​​Cambodia, and there are concerns about the spread of damage, and authorities are distributing blankets and other supplies to residents and calling for caution.