Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations warns of a new round of desert locusts in the Horn of Africa

  Local media reported that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations issued a warning that the hatching of a new generation of locusts from the Red Sea to Somalia and the invading locust swarms from Yemen will worsen the locust situation in Ethiopia and the entire Horn of Africa.

  In its latest report on desert locusts on October 14th, FAO pointed out that a large number of immature locust colonies have formed in the western side of the Rift Valley and the Afar area in northeastern Ethiopia, and many locust colonies have been observed to move from the rift valley to the southeast. Moving into Somalia, the locust swarm is expected to reach northern Kenya in mid-November.

But at the same time, FAO also stated that the situation of locust swarms is not as serious as last year, and the countries that will be affected are better prepared than a year ago.

It is reported that Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan and other countries have adopted relevant locust control measures in the near future.

(Headquarters reporter Wu Ting)