China News Agency, Phnom Penh, October 18 (Reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) According to the forecast of the Cambodian Meteorological Department on the 18th, due to the impact of typhoon "Shadr", the rainfall in the northwestern region of Cambodia and the northeastern plateau region will continue to the 21st, and the rainfall in the seaside area Too much.

  In the past few days, a new round of heavy rainfall has covered most of Cambodia.

The Cambodian National Disaster Management Committee stated that 71 cities in 19 provinces and municipalities across the country were hit by floods, including Phnom Penh, Bodhisattva, Pailing, Bude Mehndi, Battambang and Preah Vihear.

  Due to the continuous heavy rainfall, the losses caused by the floods are also rising. According to the statistics of the Cambodian National Disaster Management Committee, the floods have killed 20 people, at least 245,000 were affected, and 26,000 were evacuated.

  The flood disaster has flooded or destroyed 59,000 houses and 459 schools; at least 169,000 hectares of rice fields and 73,000 hectares of crops have been damaged, and many roads and bridges have been flooded or damaged.

  In the face of the disaster, the Cambodian official level has dispatched rescue teams including armed forces to carry out disaster relief and disaster relief work to help people threatened by floods evacuate urgently and reduce the loss of life and property caused by floods.

  Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni was shocked and distressed by the flooding attacks in many parts of the country.

He spoke highly of the government's response measures such as the emergency evacuation of the affected people.

Sihamoni also encouraged the government to do its utmost to actively carry out disaster relief to protect people's lives.

  People from all walks of life in Cambodia donated money for disaster relief.

At present, the total donation for disaster relief has exceeded 7 million US dollars.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen thanked the enthusiasts for their donations and said that the floods are merciless and there is love in the world.

The people of the whole country should unite from top to bottom, actively display the spirit of mutual assistance in adversity, and tide over difficulties together.