, Beijing, October 18th. With the introduction of the "Youth Sports Activities Promotion Plan", it has become a necessary trend to promote the in-depth and extensive development of youth sports activities.

On the evening of the 17th, sponsored by the Youth Sports Division of the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and co-organized by the Beijing Community Sports Association, the 2020 Beijing Youth Physique Promotion Fun Games ended at Longzeyuan Community Plaza, aiming to cultivate youths to form a sound mind and a correct life. Concepts and values, master scientific and effective fitness methods, and develop fitness habits.

  Sun Jinqiu, a researcher from the Beijing Institute of Sports Science, popularized scientific fitness knowledge to everyone on the spot, gave lectures on scientific fitness popularization and explained the content of physical fitness promotion projects.

He said that scientific fitness is very important. It can establish a brand-new health concept for everyone. Every group of people needs to master the necessary scientific fitness knowledge.

Provided by the organizing committee 

  The subsequent youth fitness promotion fun games selected from the fitness promotion projects such as blowing balloons, balancing forward, abdomen hitting the ground, bending and moving the ball, flipping big cards, kangaroo jumping and other sports for a duel. The participating families started from vitality and balance. All-round and multi-angle targeted fitness experience such as sense, flexibility, waist and abdomen strength, sensitivity and bounce.

In addition, the event site also held family-based fun parent-child competitions such as rope ladders for the whole family, rope skipping for two, and fruit receiving across the shore.

  According to the Longzeyuan community, the diversity of activity content and the richness of project props have met the needs of the different preferences of the community’s young people. The project is set up to meet the needs of young people’s physical fitness promotion and scientific fitness. Sign up for the activity in the form of small hands and big hands. It will help children and parents to promote the two-way, and ultimately achieve the goal of strengthening the national physique, promoting the national fitness and health level.

  The organizing committee of the event stated that this event was held as the epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing has become normalized, after coordination and careful preparation by multiple parties.

"Under the premise of persisting in the prevention and control of the epidemic, we will organize activities with young people in order to meet the fitness needs of community youth during the epidemic."

  In addition, according to reports, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, in the future, areas, streets, and towns will be jointly organized in a targeted manner throughout the city. It is hoped that in this way, it is hoped that in this way, projects suitable for the promotion of physical fitness and physical and mental health of young people will be extended In daily life.