Chinanews, October 18, according to foreign media reports, on the morning of the 17th local time, a two-story commercial building in Harrisburg, Virginia, USA exploded. At least three people were injured in the explosion, and two of them were seriously injured.

  According to reports, Harrisburg government spokesperson Parkes said at a press conference afterwards that the building where the explosion occurred was "completed."

  According to reports, the explosion caused 3 injuries, 2 of whom were seriously injured. At present, all 3 people are receiving treatment in local medical institutions.

  The explosion also affected some nearby residential areas, causing damage to some buildings, but not serious.

A nearby resident said that when he and his wife had breakfast, “the big explosion happened suddenly and the whole house was shaking”. He also said, “We thought it was a bomb (explosion) because it (explosion) was too strong. Up".

  Regarding the cause of the explosion, Parks said that as of the afternoon of the 17th local time, there was no information indicating that this was a murder or abnormal accident. He also said that relevant departments are currently conducting detailed investigations into the cause of the explosion.