There is snow in Lapland now!

According to Foreca's Meteorologist Kristian Roine, the heaviest snowfalls are now in Central Lapland.

Snow cover of more than ten centimeters can be found mainly in the Kittilä area.

Kittilä Kenttärova observation station will have a 17 cm snow cover in the early evening on Saturday.

- It is now the largest snow cover reading of all.

However, the thickness of the snow cover does not directly tell you how many centimeters of snow it has rained, because during the day some of the snow has probably piled up, the meteorologist points out.

During the evening, the snowfall in Central Lapland will gradually weaken and move over Southern Lapland.

Roine says the wettest sector hits Rovaniemi.

- In southern Lapland, rainfall turns into snowfall at night at the latest.

Pretty brisk snow cover has been promised there, up to twenty cents between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

Yes, winter is coming in right now.

Finnish vertical ears Mari and Fire in the snowy landscape of Sodankylä Vuotso on Sunday morning. Photo: Soile / Reader's photo

The first snow also rained today in Enontekiö and Kuusamo.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's definition of first snow is met if at 9 o'clock in the morning there is at least one cent of snow.

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Readers have posted snowy pictures of Sodankylä, Kittilä and Kuusamo.

On Friday it also rained in the Summer Gulf of North Karelia, from which the reader posted a video.

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Skiers enjoyed the snow at Levi Ski Resort. Photo: Emilia Niemi / Reader's photo

The crime commissioner of the Lapland Police Department, Marko Ijäs, says that the police have not been informed of any abnormal first snow dusting on you.

- As in Lapland, people have been able to prepare for the weather and change their tires well in advance.

According to the meteorologist, in Kemi or at the height of Oulu, snow will hardly come on the weekend, because the degrees are around five degrees.

Snowfall will not be maintained elsewhere in the country during Sunday either.

Photo: Emilia Niemi / Reader's photo

On Monday night, temperatures will also begin to approach zero in the central parts of the country, and there will still be occasional rainfall.

- We are going for winterier weather.

I wouldn’t find it impossible that on Monday night in Northern Savonia, for example, it could snow a few cents, Roine estimates.

Kuusamo RiisitunturiPicture: Reader's picture

According to him, a longer cold period is expected in Lapland, which is why the snow will not leave for at least the next week.

- There are already small signs in southern and central Finland that winter tires could be changed.

As temperatures begin to approach zero, wet road surfaces can be icy in the mornings.

Kuusamo RiisitunturiPicture: Reader's picture

Kuusamo RiisitunturiPicture: Reader's picture