French claim: The attacker posted a picture of the teacher's body on Twitter after he was beheaded

The perpetrator of the Paris attack asked the students to guide him to his victim

French police and a number of people in front of the school.


The French counterterrorism prosecutor, Francois Ricard, said today, Saturday, that the 18-year-old who beheaded a history teacher in front of his school spoke to his students in the street and asked them to point him towards his victim.

Ricard added during a press conference that the Russian-born attacker posted a picture of the teacher's body on the social networking site "Twitter" after he beheaded and attached it to a message admitting to his death.

A judicial source announced that the attacker, who is suspected of beheading a French teacher, is a young man of Chechen origin, and police arrested nine people as part of the attack that took place on Friday near a school in Conflans Saint-Honorine where the teacher was working.

Police rushed to the scene of the attack after receiving a call about a suspicious person wandering around the school, according to a police source.

The police found the victim on the spot, and tried, two hundred meters away, to stop a man carrying a white weapon and threaten them, then they shot him, causing severe wounds that led to his death.

Police said the victim was a 47-year-old history professor whose name was "Samuel Patti."

He had recently shown cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a study session as part of a discussion on freedom of expression, and complaints from some of the parents followed.

Four of the relatives of the alleged attacker, two brothers and Wijdan, were arrested by the police for questioning.

The judicial source told AFP that five other people were arrested as part of the attack, including the father of one of the students at the school.

According to the source, the arrested parents expressed their opposition to the teacher's decision to display the fees.

The other three people who were arrested for questioning are from the suspect's non-family environment.

And the four who were stopped by relatives.

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