Suspected murder of a French teacher posted a "caricature tour" at 6:00 on October 18th

In a case where a male teacher was attacked and killed by a knife near Paris, France, prosecutors suggest that a man who was shot dead shortly after the incident caused an incident over a caricature of an Islamic prophet. It was revealed that the text was posted on Twitter.

On the evening of the 16th near Paris, a man who was a junior high school teacher was found killed by being cut off by a knife near the school where he works, and a nearby man was shot dead while trying to attack a police officer who rushed in. I did.

The prosecution is investigating on suspicion of terrorism that an 18-year-old Chechen man from Russia who was shot dead has caused an incident, and at the meeting on the 17th, the suspected man posted sentences etc. on Twitter immediately after the incident. I announced that I was doing it.

In the post, along with a picture of the body of a male teacher, there was a sentence that suggests that he had caused an incident over a caricature of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, such as "I killed the dog that killed Muhammad."

The deceased male teacher was showing his students a caricature of Muhammad in a class teaching freedom of expression this month, and some parents who opposed this posted content blaming the male teacher on SNS. ..

The prosecutor's office detained nine people, including the man's family and parents who accused the male teacher on SNS, of the suspect's man, who may have planned an attack after seeing these posts. I am.