Berlin (dpa / bb) - Due to an error in the new Corona visiting rules for hospitals, the Senate Department for Health is improving its regulation.

The regulation, which only came into force on this Saturday, should be changed so that it will contain relaxation of the visiting restrictions for patients under 16 years of age.

Berlin Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) announced this in a letter to the hospitals.

The letter from Saturday, which the German Press Agency has received, speaks of an "unfortunate transmission error".

"It was not intended to meet the strict visiting regulations mentioned above, regardless of the patient's age."

The ordinance stipulated that hospital patients could have one hour visit from a person once a day.

The seriously ill and the dying were excluded.

The background is the increasing number of corona cases.

Kalayci asks the hospitals to allow visits to children and adolescents without restriction in anticipation of the revised regulation - provided that there are no medical reasons that speak against it in individual cases.

The clinics would not have to fear any sanctions with such an approach.

As the "Berliner Zeitung" reported, some clinics are already softening this regulation so that parents can be with their children longer.

In the "Tagesspiegel" a pediatrician sharply criticized the regulation.

Report "Tagesspiegel"

Report "Berliner Zeitung"