(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Germany diagnosed with new highs, president enters isolation

  China News Agency, Berlin, October 17 (Reporter Peng Dawei) On the 17th, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Germany set a new high for the third consecutive day since the outbreak of the new crown, reaching 7,830 cases.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases has reached 359,000.

As a bodyguard was diagnosed with infection, German President Steinmeier went into isolation that day.

German Chancellor Merkel delivered a video speech that day, calling on people to stay in their homes as much as possible.

  On 15-17 of this month, the Robert Koch Institute, the German Federal Agency for Disease Control, announced that the number of people diagnosed with the new crown virus in a single day reached 6,638, 7,334, and 7,830, respectively, which successively refreshed the number of new additions in a single day since the first case was confirmed in Germany at the end of January. The highest value.

According to the German "Times Online" report, as of 16:00 local time on the 17th, a total of 359,465 confirmed cases, 289,994 cured, and 9,876 dead in Germany.

  German TV One quoted the spokesperson of the German Federal Presidential Palace as saying that one of Steinmeier's bodyguards had been diagnosed with the new crown virus.

Steinmeier himself was subsequently tested for the new crown and the result was negative.

At present, Steinmeier has cancelled the schedule originally scheduled to attend the event in Frankfurt on the 18th and entered a state of isolation.

  The President of Germany is the head of state of Germany, but has no executive authority.

Previously, Merkel had been in self-isolation for two weeks after contacting a doctor who was diagnosed with the new crown virus in late March.

  "We are now in a very severe stage of the new crown pandemic." Merkel said in a video speech that day that the spread of the epidemic has exceeded the first half of the year, and the next few days to several weeks will determine the winter and this year. What will Christmas look like? "It all depends on the actions of all of us."

  To this end, she urged the people: try to minimize meetings with other people, whether outside or at home, and cancel travel and gathering plans when there is no very urgent reason.

"Please stay at home as much as possible, stay in your place of residence." (End)