In Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, where a professor was beheaded on Friday, a few days after showing his students caricatures of Mohammed, the inhabitants are in shock.

"Children, it worries them, especially us too", testifies a father. 


In Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, the inhabitants are in shock.

In the town of Yvelines, a history teacher was beheaded on Friday near a college, a few days after showing his students, during a course on freedom of expression, the caricatures of Mohammed published by 

Charlie Hebdo


The author is said to be a young man of 18, born in Moscow and of Chechen origin.

While waiting for the conclusions of the investigation, on the spot, the parents are worried and the students wonder about the terrorist's motives. 

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"We have the impression that it only happens to others, but no, it's at our door, it's at home", worries Alfredo, a father living a hundred meters from the college. , at the microphone of Europe 1. "I have a friend of mine who passed by, he saw the body and he warned us that there was a body, that we had to be careful", he continues. 

"The police made my son come home urgently, he was just leaving school," Alfredo said.

And to conclude: "Children, it worries them, especially us too."

"I didn't feel discriminated against by him"

In front of the establishment, college students and former students, phone in hand, remember the victim, whom some had as a teacher.

This is the case of Virginie, 15.

Two years ago, recalls this young girl of Muslim faith, the teacher had already presented a cover of

Charlie Hebdo

to his students.

"I was in 4th grade. He showed the picture, it was in the program," she says.

"He wasn't the one who did it. He asked those who were shocked to come out."

"I did not feel discriminated against by him," insists Virginie.

"I didn't think it was racist or Islamophobic on his part. It didn't shock me. I thought, 'All this for a picture'. It's a shame to kill someone for that."