▲ A view of'Santa Marta's House', a visitor's lodge used by Pope Francis as the official residence

Amid the number of corona 19 confirmed cases from the Swiss Guard, responsible for the Vatican Guard, infections have also occurred in the building where Pope Francis resides.

The Holy See said a man living in the ``Santa Marta's House'' in Vatican City, which the Pope uses as his official residence, has been diagnosed with Corona 19.

The unidentified man left Santa Marta's home for asymptomatic infection and entered quarantine.

Anyone in contact with him is also in quarantine.

At Santa Marta's home, a confirmed case was also caught in late March during the first virus outbreak.

The house of Santa Marta, adjacent to the Basilica of St. Peter, opened in 1996 as an outside visitor's quarter with more than 130 rooms, and is now known to be used as some lodging by priests working at the Holy See.

The number of Swiss guards in the Holy See, who was diagnosed with the virus, rose from four to 11, local media such as Vatican News reported.

The Holy See is conducting a thorough epidemiological investigation to identify the close contacts of infected guards.

(Photo = Yonhap News)