Singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen has again in recent months focused on cheering and encouraging other people.

It’s a familiar role, which he’s been doing since the mid-1960s as a performer, and since the early 1970s with the E-Street Band - playing energetic and life-long gigs.

During the corona pandemic, gigs have not been possible, but Springsteen has begun making his own radio show.

In Finland, however, the program, which is part of Radio Helsinki, is only a warm-up, as the artist known by the nickname The Boss has urged people to persevere during the corona isolation period and promised a prize: as soon as possible, Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band will go on tour .

You know when the tour will be paved with a new album Letter To You.

Springsteen’s 20th studio album will be released next week.

But how can Bruce Springsteen himself?

What will cheer up the encouragement of others in difficult times in the midst of the corona as well as during the internal unrest in the United States and the historically confusing presidential election?

Photo: Danny Clinch / Sony Music

A videoconference with Pomo provides an answer to a question the IS has sent him in advance.

- I am indeed a naturally upbeat person, he is responsible for, to keep a pause for reflection and says:

- Ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate, it cheers me up.

Next, Springsteen lists the important things in her life - and her current relationship to them.

The band, of course, he praises the band and the joy of playing together.

And the satisfaction produced by the completion of the album and the documentary about it.

Beautiful words are also given to his wife and bandmate Patti Scialfa, with whom he has spent a close family life for more than 30 years.

- Hanging out with him is fun, it cheers me up.

The Scialfa and Springsteen family includes three children.

Evan James, Sam Ryan, and Olympic level show jumper Jessica are already adults, but of course important to their father.

- It’s always interesting to participate in their lives as much as they just let me participate, Springsteen laughs, and doesn’t seem like a moment of a rock star, but of a parent of adult children.

- I enjoy life.

Life is just a life that moves forward.

Bruce Sprinsgteen and Patti Scialfa have been together for a long time. Photo: Rob DeMartin / Warner Bros

It has been even more difficult.

In her memoirs Born To Run (2016), Springsteen said she suffered from depression.

The first collapse came at the age of 32.

In an interview with Esquire, he said he used drugs regularly to stay balanced.

In many of his work in recent years, he has dealt with a problematic relationship with his father.

The fact that the alcoholic father, who had lost his own job and self-esteem, could not accept the softness and sensitivity of the Bruce son.

The singer has said she learned to understand her father: if a working-class man couldn’t support his family in the 1950s and 1960s, he felt like he had failed - and there was no knowledge of support networks.

Apparently, the burden inherited from father to son has been lightened in previous works, as in the new songs he reflects on his more than 50-year music career and 45-year career as E-Street Band’s Boss.

There’s a lot of longing involved, and that’s what the song New Man Standing on the new album is all about.

- In the summer (2019) I visited my very sick friend.

He and I were the last two members of my first band (The Castiles).

He died a few days after we met.

This made me the last surviving member of the band and it felt very unusual, Springsteen says.

Music filled young Springsteen’s sense of emptiness in his time, since then music has brought a lot of content to life.

All this is reportedly told in the new songs.

- I'll show you all the things I've learned from 17 to 70 years of age.

Photo: Rob DeMartin / Warner Bros.

The boss looks like a video connection away from well-being.

On top is a black leather jacket, which may well be his trademark search for Schott NYC, which he has been wearing for decades.

Admittedly, there are many jackets, as well as guitars: an interview with a smooth-faced and short-haired rock star who occasionally glows its even white rows of teeth in the studio, next to a dozen electric guitars and basses.

However, one guitar was very important for the new songs.

With their eyes closed, Springsteen tells the story of his Springsteen For Broadway show a couple of years ago.

New York solo gigs always had fans outside the theater to receive him, asking for autographs and co-portraits.

- I'm used to that people ask for autographs on guitars, Springsteen says after describing a young man handing the guitar.

- I said I don't write autographs on guitar.

He said, “No, this is for you.

I’ll give you this guitar. ”

I looked at it and it was a really good guitar and we talked for a few seconds.

I took the guitar, took it to the car, and at home in the living room began to study it more closely.

I sat for a long time.

The guitar is a great wood, it sounded good, the playing feel was great and I got excited - this is a really nice guitar to play.

So nice that the blank paper scare that plagued Springsteen gave way.

- I grabbed a guitar in my lap often over the next ten days - and found myself writing songs for a new record.

There was magic in it.

Photo: Danny Clinch Sony Music (HANDOUT)

Springsteen has seemed hard-working and productive in recent years, but he admits that the E-Street Band doesn’t always make songs.

Before that, they were last born seven years ago, for the album High Hopes (2014).

Last year’s Western Stars was a completely different piece of work, a new musical conquest of territory in which Springsteen drew inspiration from pop rock, arranged for a large orchestra in the 1960s in California.

Springsteen says she has a clear picture of what she’s doing when writing new songs.

When making Western Stars, he already heard while making songs arranged for orchestra.

The long career also accommodates periods when the final interpretation has been sufficient to perform the songs to the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar.

- But when I sit down with my thoughts on using (E-Street Band) guys, each of them plays in my head, Springsteen says and lists his seven-member band.

With the album Letter To You, the E-Street Band gets a lot of space.

The album, which was completed just before the spring corona isolation, has been recorded live in the studio - for the first time in the band's history.

What’s also special is that three of the album’s 12 tracks have already been written for Springsteen’s 1973 debut album Greetings From Asbury Park NJ.

Of these songs, at least If I Was the Priest will rise to a charming rock gospel at gigs, then when the Boss and the band sometime, maybe in 2022, get to gigs.

Photo: Rob Demartin / Sony Music

Then, as President of the United States, Donald Trump will no longer be affected if Springsteen is to be believed.

He has strong faith in the Democratic candidate he supports, Joe Biden, in the November election.

- Donald Trump disappears.

Remember, you were the first to hear from me: Joe Biden wins and a long national nightmare ... I don’t know if it will end at the same time, but Trump is gone, Springsteen says.

- I hope that no tricks will be seen around the election results, so that the results will have to wait for months.

The new album features the song Rainmaker, which Springsteen began to remember as early as George W. Bush’s tenure.

The lyrics of the song reflect on the relationship between the instigator and his supporters.

- It is even better suited for publication during Trump's time.

Springsteen says he trusts the U.S.’s ability to return to a united nation.

He praises the Black Lives Matter movement and says it is taking human rights in the United States “in the most humane direction”.

He, in turn, thinks the far-right movements will disappear underground when they no longer receive encouragement from Trump.

- It can no longer continue for a person to have to be shot at any time because of their skin color.

Photo: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Another dimension of a happy life in Bruce Springsteen’s life: the sea and nature.

- It's autumn, but I swam in the ocean.

I have always enjoyed the sea, and a great dipping in the sea in October to arouse and cheer up, he says.

- I've always been a beach rat.

I grew up surfing on the beach, in the sand and on the waves.

I don’t surf anymore, but in time I surfed.

I love the beach.

The sea and the world of marine nature always brighten my mind.

Bruce Springsteen’s new album Letter To You will be released on October 23rd.