Confirmed that the level of soil pollution is "below the level of danger"

"Abu Dhabi Environment" reclaims "saline farms"

  • "The Authority" is working to avoid more abandoned agricultural lands.

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The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi unveiled a soil salinity management plan, in response to the recommendations of the soil quality survey project, which lasted for three years, and the results of the salinity monitoring program in Abu Dhabi farms.

She emphasized that the level of pollution in the soil is still below the level of danger.

In detail, the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi stated that its new plan is based on three axes, which include providing recommendations for each irrigation area in the emirate, the optimal use of available water resources, in addition to reducing the expansion of agricultural lands degraded due to soil salinity.

The authority confirmed, during its recently issued annual report, that it will use its new administrative plan to treat and reclaim farms affected by soil salinity, to avoid more abandoned agricultural lands in the emirate, noting that it has established a soil archiving facility, to preserve the scientific value of soil samples until they are needed. To solve problems and face future agricultural or environmental challenges, as 480 soil samples are received annually, and samples are managed through the geospatial database linked to the authority's soil database.

The authority stressed its endeavor to integrate new and advanced technologies into its operations, as it launched a pioneering program to map areas of interest, using remote sensing, drones and artificial intelligence, noting that the project is the first of its kind to use this advanced technology, to obtain images With ultra-wide spectrum at the regional level, in addition to integrating artificial intelligence to analyze data, search for relationships and patterns, and develop scenarios to determine soil quality and future predictions.

She emphasized that this method is simple, time-saving, cost-effective and scalable for soil quality surveying.

The authority indicated that the level of soil pollution, in general, is less than the level of danger, as it works to stop, control and prevent soil pollution, through the Licensing, Compliance and Environmental Audit Department, by enhancing knowledge about soil quality, and how to preserve this resource for future generations.

She said that the soil quality survey, which she carried out, provided the basis for future management plans, protection policies and regulations related to soils, assessing the impact of human activities on land and soil resources, in addition to providing information on soil quality, as the main numbers of the survey showed the monitoring of 270 sites and the collection of 537 samples .

The authority confirmed the establishment of an integrated legislative system, to work on managing change among farmers, to follow good and modern methods of agriculture and irrigation, noting that it includes a strong extension team on farms, giving farmers comprehensive and detailed courses, to preserve the quality of the soil and protect it from pollution, through the organization The process of assessing and managing potential land use risks.

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