China News Service, October 16 According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Italy, the Chinese Embassy in Italy issued an announcement on the website on the 16th. The content is an urgent reminder to prevent the impact of the second wave of the epidemic.

  The announcement stated that recently, the second wave of epidemics in Europe has been fierce, and the number of confirmed cases in a single day in many countries has continued to rise, and its severity has exceeded the first wave.

In Italy, the number of newly diagnosed cases in a single day has repeatedly hit new highs, and the number of deaths in the past week has increased by nearly 40%.

Experts said that the second wave of the epidemic has not yet reached its peak, and there is still no certainty when it will improve.

The Italian government has urgently introduced strict prevention and control measures in this regard.

At present, nearly 100 overseas Chinese and students studying in Italy have been infected, many of whom are severely ill. The impact is far more severe than the first wave of the epidemic. The lesson is painful and alarming.

For this reason, the Chinese Embassy in Italy once again solemnly reminds all overseas Chinese, overseas students and personnel of Chinese-funded institutions in Italy to be vigilant, strengthen precautions, and ensure health and safety.

  1. Resolutely put an end to paralysis and contempt of consciousness.

The rapid resurgence of the second wave of the epidemic fully demonstrates that the new crown pneumonia still threatens everyone's safety and health. Don't be affected by the rumors of "blind optimism". Please always remind yourself that "the epidemic is fiercer than the tiger."

In the absence of vaccines and specific medicines, raising awareness, strict self-discipline, and strengthening prevention are the best ways to deal with the epidemic.

  2. Strictly comply with local epidemic prevention laws and regulations.

The Italian government has extended the state of emergency and issued the latest anti-epidemic decree, requiring everyone to wear masks, prohibiting private gatherings, stopping amateur sports activities, canceling school tours, shortening the business hours of some venues, strengthening disciplinary measures, and more stringent enforcement by powerful agencies.

Please strictly abide by the law and be responsible for yourself and society.

  3. Resume work and school safely and securely.

Recently, there have been many cluster infections in the Chinese community, which are related to the gathering of people brought about by the resumption of work and production.

The vast numbers of overseas Chinese are requested to resume work and production in accordance with the industry's epidemic prevention regulations, especially to do well in the hygiene and disinfection of personnel, places, and goods.

Italian colleges and universities are about to start school. Students studying abroad are requested to strictly abide by government and school epidemic prevention regulations, always keep a safe distance, wear protective equipment, avoid unnecessary contacts, pay attention to mental health, and keep in touch with their families.

  4. Deal with various situations in a timely and effective manner.

If you have suspected symptoms or have had close contact with a confirmed person, please call the emergency number or the special number of the local health agency in time, or contact the testing agency as soon as possible.

If you are unfortunately infected, please contact the local medical institution immediately and follow the doctor's guidance for home isolation or hospitalization.

  5. Take the initiative to seek help.

In case of emergency or special difficulties, please call the consular protection telephone of the embassy or consulate for help, or contact the local overseas Chinese delegation, chamber of commerce, student federation, etc., and ask them to provide timely assistance.

The embassy has produced the "Statistical Form for Consular Assistance Application by Confirmed Overseas Chinese". Confirmed overseas Chinese are requested to fill in the form voluntarily. The embassy will provide special assistance based on the information provided.

  6. Respond calmly to the rebound of the epidemic.

New crown pneumonia is preventable, controllable and curable. Please pay attention to authoritative information, master common sense of correct prevention and control, and view the rebound of the epidemic in a scientific and rational manner.

At the same time, avoid panic, do not believe in rumors or spread rumors, respect and care for the confirmed compatriots, and provide assistance within their capacity on the premise of ensuring their own safety.

  The embassy and consulates in Italy and everyone have withstood the impact and test of the first wave of the epidemic.

In the face of the second wave of the epidemic, the embassies and consulates will continue to work with everyone to overcome difficulties.

We urge everyone to participate and cooperate actively.

I wish you all safety and health!