European Minister Tytti Tuppurainen will also be subject to corona quarantine.

Tuppurainen was with Prime Minister Sanna Marin at the EU summit in Brussels and has been close to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister will be subjected to a corona test, after which he will move to the Prime Minister's official residence in Helsinki's Kesäranta for voluntary quarantine.

The Prime Minister’s quarantine will last at least until the beginning of the week, and its end will require two negative corona test results.

The second test can be taken no earlier than 72 hours after taking the first test.

In addition to the ministers, the Finnish delegation, which traveled to Brussels with the entire Prime Minister, will be quarantined, including Jari Luoto, Undersecretary of State for European Affairs, Tuulia Pitkänen, Special Assistant, and two officials from the Government's EU Secretariat.

This time the delegation was truncated due to the corona, as dozens of people usually travel to the summit with the prime minister.

Marin had to return from Brussels ahead of schedule when it became known that Tom Packalen, a Member of Parliament for basic Finns, had fallen ill.

The Prime Minister has been on the same occasions as Packalen and has therefore been exposed.

Information about the exposure arrived in Brussels after the summit had just begun.

The Prime Minister of the Government, Ahti Kurvinen, immediately recommended that the Prime Minister leave the meeting and be repatriated.

The trip home was arranged immediately and after a couple of hours the delegation was on the plane.

Marin and his entourage returned from Brussels to Finland on a Friday plane in a private plane on Friday afternoon.

The entire party was taken directly from the business terminal at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to quarantine.

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