October 16, 2020The attacker shot down by police in Conflans-Sainte Honorine, near Paris, died after having beheaded another man with a kitchen knife.

Le Parisien reports it.

According to the French newspaper, the victim was a teacher from the school where the body was found and the killer was the father of one of his students.

According to the Parisian newspaper, the victim had recently given a lecture to his students on freedom of expression and exhibited caricatures of Muhammad.

The killer was stopped by the police with a knife in his hand while trying to flee towards the nearby town of Eragny (Val-d'Oise) and, at the request to put down the weapon, he attacked the officers shouting 'Allah akbar '.

The deminers are on site to verify that the killer has no explosive devices on him.

The man who beheaded the professor had time to post pictures of his act on Twitter before being shot down by the police.

It is learned from sources of the investigation.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, went to the crisis cell at the Ministry of the Interior to follow the investigation into the beheading of the professor, according to reports from the Elysée.

The Minister of the Interior, on a visit to Morocco, hastily returned to Paris.