Demands to increase the penalty on foreign roads

16,600 driving violations recorded by the state last year

Traffic accidents in opposite directions are the most dangerous of their kind.


Last year, the state-wide traffic departments recorded 16,625 violations against drivers for driving the vehicle against the direction of traffic, and its penalty reaches a fine of 600 dirhams, four traffic points are recorded and the vehicle is seized for seven days, while the penalty is increased in the event that the accident causes injuries and deaths According to the federal penal, traffic and traffic laws.

Traffic departments also recorded, during the same period, 9,433 violations against drivers for entering the vehicle in a forbidden place, the penalty for which is a fine of 1000 dirhams, eight traffic points, and the vehicle’s seizure of seven days for a light vehicle.

According to the Ministry of Interior statistics report, the state’s roads have witnessed, during the past years, severe accidents resulting from driving the vehicle against the direction of traffic, causing injuries and deaths among drivers, as well as endangering the lives of road users, while police investigations into these accidents revealed that more The drivers causing these accidents are young men, and some of them were driving under the influence of alcohol.

The state’s roads also witnessed, recently, a traffic accident caused by a driver holding the nationality of an Arab country, which led to the death of him and two young citizens, when he drove his vehicle recklessly against traffic, on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in Umm Al Quwain, which led to a serious collision. Between his vehicle and the vehicle of the two young men, and resulted in their deaths at the scene, while the Ministry of Interior revealed that investigations into this accident revealed that the results of examining samples from the deceased driver who caused the accident confirm that he was driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, and his driving against the street at high speed and recklessly poses a danger to Lives of road users.

According to traffic and traffic experts, traffic accidents that occur as a result of driving in the direction of a line opposite to the direction of the road are the most dangerous of their kind, because the collision occurs with two opposing forces, between two vehicles traveling towards one point, in addition to the weight of each vehicle not less than one and a half tons.

Citizens and residents called for stricter penalties for driving a vehicle against the direction of traffic, especially on external roads, as it often leads to fatal accidents due to the force of collision between two vehicles traveling at high speed opposite the direction.

Abu Hossam called for a distinction between the penalty for violating driving, reversing the direction of traffic on external roads, and the need to tighten it and those that fall on internal roads, especially since some of them happen without intention or attention, and do not result in accidents, pointing to the importance of intensifying awareness of this violation, given the threat it poses. For the lives of others on the roads.

Citizen Abu Muhammad called for tougher punishment for offense driving against the direction of traffic, because it caused serious accidents that lead to deaths and injuries among drivers, considering that tougher punishment, even if that violation did not result in an accident, is a necessary requirement, and it acts as a deterrent to drivers and motivates attention and focus during Leadership.

Sabri Muhammad said that it is clear from dangerous driving accidents that reverse the direction of traffic, that they often occur due to the driver’s lack of concentration, as a result of driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, proposing to educate individuals not to use personal vehicles while consuming alcoholic drinks.

Harsh punishment

The Federal Traffic and Traffic Law in the country has tightened the penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or the like by registering 24 traffic points on the driver, which is the upper limit of traffic points, and the vehicle is seized for 60 days, and other penalties decided by the competent court, which may amount to imprisonment or imposition A large fine if it caused a traffic accident, and the ruling varies according to the damages that resulted from the accident, and whether there were human losses or not.


Violation of entering a vehicle in a prohibited place during the past year.

Most of the drivers who cause traffic accidents against the trend are young people.

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