Rep. Sim Sang-jeong, Justice Party member, appeared at the National Assembly in the costume of the protagonist of the popular Netflix drama'Health Teacher Eun-young Ahn' and drew attention.

Rep. Shim yesterday (15th) took part in the 25th day of'one person protest to deal with the severe disaster corporate punishment law' with a rainbow sword in a white gown like the main character in the drama.

The Severe Accident Corporate Punishment Act is a bill being promoted by the Justice Party as a priority legislative task in the 21st National Assembly, and is a bill that strengthens the punishment of business owners and companies who caused serious disasters.

Senator Shim also posted a post on Facebook to explain more about'Ahn Eun-young's outfit.'

Rep. Sim said, "'It was more expensive, and cranes were more expensive than people.

Ahn Eun-young, friend Kang Sun, said, "Please be a citizen hero who keeps a normal life with the heart of Eun-young Ahn, who has decided to stand on the side of the weak, remembering the death of a friend."

On the same day, Justice Party lawmaker Ryu Ho-jeong, wearing a helmet and working clothes, gathered interest in questioning the state administration. Rep. Ryu told KEPCO President Kim Jong-gap at a national inspection against the Korea Electric Power Corporation, "I came out wearing clothes myself to inquire on behalf of a distribution worker." He pointed out that it is always exposed.

As the two lawmakers of the Justice Party practiced'dress politics' at the same time, netizens showed various reactions. "It's nice to see you do it hard", "It's good to be novel, but I want you to refrain from next time", "The National Assembly is not a cosplay theater stage", and "I want you to focus on the essence".

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(Photo = Representative Shim Sang-jung Facebook, Yonhap News)