Army Chief of Staff Nam Young-shin bowed his head at the Commissioner of the Commission, saying he sincerely apologizes for military intervention during the May 18 Democratization Movement.

It is the first official apology from the army level in 40 years, and the next task of finding out the 5·18 truth is how the military will solve.

This is reporter Kim A-young.


Army Headquarters Chief of State Affairs and Chief of Staff Nam Young-shin, Army Chief of Staff, stand up and bow their heads.

[Nam Young-shin/Shief Chief of Staff: Gwangju citizens, I'm very sorry.] Even

40 years ago, even in the martial law atrocities in Gwangju in May, the ruling party lawmaker pointed out that the Army General had never apologized.

[Seolhun/Deuteronomy Democratic Party Member: There was a brutality of wielding a gun knife.

Truly, from the military standpoint, there is no shame...


(Army Chief of Staff) never apologized for the massacre committed by the Army.]

[Nam Young-shin/Army Chief of Staff: I think it is very wrong that the military intervened.

I really apologize to the victims of the (Gwangju citizen's) democracy movement and their bereaved.]

In February 2018, after two years of the first apology from the then defense minister Song Young-moo, the army recognized the mistake and officially apologized. This is the first time.

The May 18 organizations said they are welcoming.

What is desperate now is to thoroughly investigate and actively disclose internal military data that will be the key to finding out the facts of the 5·18.

[There are areas where the army does not cooperate properly.

With an active attitude so that there are no restrictions...


(I will.)] It

is pointed out that the 5·18 Fact Finding Committee, which was launched at the end of last year, is having difficulty in securing military data related to the corps and corpses, and the cooperation of the military is still unfortunate.