Chinese Army US Navy destroyer strongly accused of passing through Taiwan Strait October 15, 15:23

A U.S. Navy destroyer passed through the Taiwan Strait on the 14th, and Chinese troops accused it of pursuing the destroyer.

Around Taiwan, Chinese troops are activating their activities, while US troops are tightening their restraints.

The U.S. Navy revealed in a statement that the destroyer "Barry" had passed through the Taiwan Strait on the 14th of local time, "indicating that the United States is involved in the free and open Indo-Pacific. The Navy will continue to fly and navigate wherever international law allows. "

In response, a spokesman for the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese Army, which has jurisdiction over the East China Sea, announced a discourse on the 15th, saying that he had tracked the destroyer, saying, "The United States frequently gives false signals to Taiwan's independence forces. It is sending, and it is seriously damaging the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait. "

Around Taiwan, including the Taiwan Strait, the activities of the Chinese military have become more active recently, and the US military is accelerating the pace of dispatching troops around Taiwan in a way that restrains this.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy also announced that the destroyer "John McCain" and the supply ship "Tipicanu" have been jointly training in the South China Sea with the Maritime Self-Defense Force's escort ships "Kaga" and "Ikazuchi" from the 12th. , It seems that there is an aim to restrain China.