The journey of the Finnish Counter-Strike team HAVU and GODSENT, starring Jesse “ZehN” Linjala, in the Flashpoint league qualifiers ended with a chalk line.

Both teams were two wins away from the sequel to the second season of the series, where the $ 1 million prize pool will be played.

The sequels went to and forZelle.

HAVU, who played in Group B of the qualifiers, first defeated Heretics and Nexus by a score of 2-0, but lost to the top chart final for Gambit 1-2 (16-5 Dust II, 5-16 Overpass, 10-16 Mirage).

Another attempt from the final place ended in a meager 1-2 loss (14-16 Mirage, 16-13 Dust II, 17-19 Nuke).

The last map was only resolved in overtime.

HAVU played in the qualifiers without Sami “xseveN” Laasa, who was replaced by Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen, borrowed from ENCE.

Finnish spectators were also interested in HAVU's fierce battle: had more than 7,000 simultaneous spectators at its best in the forZe match.

Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen (pictured), who normally represents ENCE, played in the qualifiers in the HAVU shirt.

He replaced Sami “xseveN” from Laasa, who is currently playing a major qualifier with ENCE. Photo: Tuomo Väkevä / ENCE

GODSENT, who sought a league place in block A, won Lilmix (2–0) and Winstrike (2–1) in the first two matches, but lost from the final place of the first attempt to (0–2).

The line-up between the line and the partners ended in the next match, when the Portuguese sAw continued to the finals, rising from a one-card loss to a 2-1 win.

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Flashpoint is a new esports tournament player founded this spring, whose main product is the bi-annual CS League.

The founding teams of the league are Cloud9, Dignitas, Team Envy, Gen.G Esports, MAD Lions, MIBR and c0ntact Gaming, where Otto “ottoNd” Sihvo plays.

Flashpoint's second league season will be held from November 9 to December 6.

Because of Korona, matches are played online.

In addition to the founding teams, qualifiers forZe and will compete in the season, as well as three inviting teams, which will be announced soon.