I won the Nobel Prize!

It was reported through the entrance intercom US October 14, 16:26


It is a hot topic that a researcher at an American university who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences this year was informed of the award through the intercom at the entrance at midnight by another award winner living nearby. ..

This year's Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson of Stanford University in the United States on the 12th.

However, according to universities and other institutions, the Royal Academy of Sciences in Sweden was unable to contact Mr. Milgrom, and Wilson, who lives nearby, visited Mr. Milgrom's home with his wife and told him that the award was decided.

The announcement of the economics award was at midnight in the western part of the United States where the two live, and in the video of the security camera released on Twitter by the university, Mr. Wilson said over the intercom, "I won the Nobel Prize! The selected people can be contacted. I'm saying no, "and you can see Mr. Milgrom answering with surprise," Wow! ".

"When I woke up with the sound of the intercom and looked at the screen, he was knocking on the door. I was surprised by the very good news," Milgrom said in a subsequent interview. Wilson said, "Stay in pajamas." I went to wake him up. "

On Twitter at the university, comments such as "smiley" and "the best knock ever" have been received, and the unusual story of the special award has become a hot topic.