Today, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation authorities approved projects to build 2,126 new settlement housing units in the West Bank, for the first time since Israel signed two normalization agreements with both the UAE and Bahrain a month ago.

The new Israeli decision was approved by what is known as the Supreme Council for Planning and Building affiliated to the Civil Administration of the occupation authorities in the West Bank as part of a comprehensive plan to build more than 5,000 settlement units in the Palestinian territories.

The Civil Administration of the occupation will hold another session tomorrow morning, Thursday, to complete the approval of building thousands of settlement units and projects.

The Israeli government had frozen settlement construction in the West Bank for a period of eight months, until it completed the stages of signing the two normalization agreements with the UAE and Bahrain, then instructed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to re-ratify these construction projects.

Commenting on the new move, the Israeli organization, Peace Now, which opposes settlements, said that this settlement expansion indicates Israel's refusal to establish a Palestinian state, and deals a blow to the hopes of achieving a broader Israeli-Arab peace.

Earlier this month, the Settlements Council in the West Bank launched a special campaign entitled "Sovereignty - No, Freeze - Yes", to put pressure on the Netanyahu government to continue the settlement project, in response to the news that came from Abu Dhabi that normalizing relations and the Israeli alliance with the UAE and Bahrain, It was mandated to freeze the implementation of the annexation plan for parts of the occupied West Bank.

To contain this campaign and pressure, and to refute the Emirati narrative on suspending the annexation, Netanyahu sent - after the signing of the normalization agreement - an official letter to settlement leaders in which he confirmed that the Supreme Planning Council for construction in settlements in the West Bank will hold a meeting after the end of the "Throne Day" holiday on October 11 This October, to approve the construction of 5,400 new settlement units.