“Science Council of Japan reviewed from the perspective of administrative reform” Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Masatoshi Shimomura October 14, 18:33

Regarding the fact that the Liberal Democratic Party has begun to consider what the "Science Council of Japan" should be, and the opposition party has criticized it as "replacement of issues", the Liberal Democratic Party's political research chairman Shimomura said, I have no intention of changing my perspective. "

Regarding the "Science Council of Japan", the Liberal Democratic Party held the first meeting of the working team to consider what the "meeting" should be on the 14th, and started discussions on independence from the government. It's a replacement. "

Regarding this, the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the political investigation, Shimomura, said at a press conference, "In the wake of the light on the existence of the conference, we decided to break the precedent principle and review it from the perspective of administrative reform. I have no intention of changing my perspective. "

In addition, Mr. Shimomura said that the six member candidates recommended by the Science Council of Japan were not appointed. "The government has explained the right to appoint members, and the Diet should continue to explain, but the Liberal Democratic Party It's not a touch story. "

Former Defense Minister Inada "Needs explanation of judgment criteria"

Former Defense Minister Inada of the Liberal Democratic Party said at a press conference at the Japan National Press Club, "I think that the right to appoint members is given to the Prime Minister to exert democratic control, but by what criteria he did not appoint. I need an explanation. I was a little wondering because some people I had read the book were also denied appointment. "

Former Defense Minister Gen Nakatani "To be an organization that suits the times"

Former Defense Minister Nakatani of the Liberal Democratic Party said at a meeting of the Tanigaki Group, "The selection of members of the Science Council of Japan has recently been in the form of recommendations within the organization, and I would like you to verify that it is really sound. The Science Council has inherited the statement that it will not conduct scientific research for military purposes, but the reality is that it restricts academic freedom, and it is an organization that is a little more timely for defense and security. Must be. "

Acting representative of Ritsumin Renho "Exactly closed-door politics itself"

At a press conference, the acting representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Renho, said, "I have no idea for whom and with what authority the appointment was refused. Isn't it just closed-door politics? The LDP and the government are rushing to shift the issue. Even if the organization of the Japan Academy of Sciences itself has a problem, it is the highest priority to re-examine the background of why the appointment was refused. "

Communist Party Kuni vs. Chairman "A vicious way to replace problems"

At a press conference, the Communist Party's chairman of the National Assembly, Kumeda, said, "The discussion of the Liberal Democratic Party's academic conference is a complete replacement of the problem. The problem this time is that what the government is doing is highly suspected of being unconstitutional. So why not stop the way to distract the criticism? The people will never allow the bad way to divert the direction of the people's anger and take it to the wrong side. " It was.