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Former Chairman Kim Bong-Hyun, a key figure in the cessation of the Lime Fund redemption, said through an aide a few days ago that he gave 50 million won to Cheong Wa Dae's chief political officer at the time of Kang Ki-jeong.

Then, former chief Kang Ki-jeong sued former chairman Kim Bong-hyun, saying that it was not true, but the person between the two is Lee Kang-se.

In an investigation by the prosecution, the prosecution stated that Kim Bong-hyun's aide met the then chief Kang Ki-jeong at the Blue House in July last year and asked for a resolution of the situation.

In order to confirm that that was correct, the prosecution requested the Blue House access record, but it was confirmed that the Blue House rejected it.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Park Sang-jin.


Prosecutors asked the Blue House in July to ask if there is a record of accessing and exiting the Blue House by former representative Lee Kang-se, an aide of former Star Mobility Chairman Kim Bong-hyun, and if there is a related CCTV video.

The basis was the statements of the two prosecutors.

Former CEO Lee Kang-se said, "Last year, on July 28 at the Blue House Office, I met Mr. Kang Ki-jeong at the time and said,'The FSS inspection for lime must be terminated as soon as possible. He even made a statement stating that he gave 50 million won to him.

The prosecution requested the Blue House access records to confirm the authenticity of this statement, but it was found that the Blue House rejected it.

The reason for the refusal is Article 9 of the Information Disclosure Act of Public Institutions, and if the material is disclosed, there is a concern that it may significantly harm the national interests such as national security and infringe on the privacy or freedom of privacy.

In the legal world, objections are raised that the application of the law is wrong.

[Gimhangyu / Attorney: National Security yiradeunga matgoyo that as a personal information area (the Blue House), because that agency involved with the criminal charges cooperate in the investigation]

is out because the investigation is being matters whether Cheong Wa Dae official said, "rejected the prosecution's request He said, "I can't give it to you," and said, "The Blue House access record is not disclosed to the outside according to the Public Institutions Information Disclosure Act."

(Video coverage: Jo Jung-young, video editing: Jeong Seong-hun)