• EU Summit.

    Von der Leyen: coordination is needed on coronavirus.

    Merkel: difficult months ahead of us

  • Germany, curfew in 11 cities.

    Netherlands for the first time over 6,000 cases in 24 hours

  • Recovery Fund, Conte: will be managed by an ad hoc structure with intervention powers


13 October 2020 "We must make sure that an agreement with the EU Parliament on the EU budget for 2021-2027 takes place in practice, so that at the beginning of 2021 the money from the Recovery Fund can be effectively spent".

This was stated by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, speaking on video to the European Committee of the Regions.

"I am personally convinced that, in this extraordinary situation, extraordinary


are necessary

" underlined the Chancellor, reporting that Germany, at the helm of the six-month EU presidency, is "working very directly to reach an agreement with the EU Parliament".

"I watch the

new wave

with great concern

"Thus Angela Merkel to specify that the situation in Europe is becoming" serious ", and did not rule out new restrictions also in Germany if the contagion curve continues to grow." We must ask European citizens to respect the rules ", he said. clarified Merkel, because "today it is even more important to ensure that there is no need for a new lockdown." Merkel also spoke about Brexit, climate and the importance of local authorities. On the negotiations with the United Kingdom, the German Chancellor said that Europe wants an agreement "but it will have to prepare itself if it is not possible."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also met the presidents of the Lander for a meeting on

the health crisis

, the first in attendance since mid-June, under pressure from the president of the Bavaria, Markus Soeder, who had asked to introduce "a series of very clear rules for everyone in the coming weeks" to prevent the situation of Covid-19 infections from going off

i control.