China News Service, October 13th. According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), NHK implemented a policy on the cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga for three days from the 9th to the 11th, targeting people over 18 years old across Japan. Telephone polls.

Polls show that Yoshihide Suga's cabinet approval rate has fallen.

Data map: Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

  According to reports, out of a total of 2,236 people called in this poll, 1,284 people responded with a response rate of 57%.

  The poll results show that 55% of the respondents said they "support" the Suga Yoshihide cabinet, which is a decrease of 7 percentage points compared with the survey conducted after the formation of the new cabinet last month.

The respondents who answered "not support" accounted for 20% of the total, an increase of 7 percentage points.

  Regarding the reasons for support, 26% think that they “look better than other cabinets”; 24% think that their character is trustworthy; 18% think that they are “actionable” and that “policy is worth looking forward to” are the same. ; And 10% said "the political parties that support the formation of the cabinet".

  Regarding the reasons for not supporting, 32% think that “character is not trustworthy”; 31% think that “policies are not worth looking forward to”; think that “other cabinets look better” and that they do not support the formation of a cabinet. Accounted for 13%, and 6% believed that they were “lack of action”.