The accident took place on the E 20 between Eskilstuna and Strängnäs in June 2018. According to the ruling from Eskilstuna District Court, the man drove on after the accident after marking the place.

He then contacted his insurance company and told them that he had ridden a deer.

Registration was delayed

It was only when the insurance company requested a record number that the man contacted the police - a week after the traffic accident occurred.

He could then, in a painted way, describe how he had ridden the deer and that it flew 10-15 meters.

Anyone who has ridden a deer must immediately report it to the police.

As the man delayed a week, he was suspected of violating the hunting law.

He then took back everything he had previously said.

He said that it was all a misunderstanding and that it was a hare he was riding on.

Poor control of animals

During the trial, the misunderstanding was due to his lack of animal knowledge and that he could not distinguish a hare from a deer.

It was only when he googled the two animal species that he thought he realized that it was a hare rather than a deer.

However, the district court did not buy the man's account, and sentenced him to pay a 40-day fine, a total of 18,800 for violating the hunting law.