Last Friday, social media, newspaper stories and their comment boxes were buzzing about the jewelry, deep neckline and bralessness seen by Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) above.

Stylist Suvi Poutiainen had styled Marin's Trendi magazine's personal interview in Kalevala Koru's jewelry and also in the trouser suit of the Finnish clothing brand Hálo.

Shortly after the publication of the magazine, the performance of the prime minister without a bra and shirt began to be criticized.

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The editor of Ilta-Sanomat, among others, wrote the next day how the conversation about the prime minister's fashion photos “happened to the soul of a young woman”.

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And he wasn't the only one.

During the weekend, pictures began to spread on Twitter and Instagram, in which Finnish women dressed like Sanna Marin - in a dark jacket without a vest or shirt.

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Now several hundred images have been shared with the tags #imwithsanna and #imwithsannamarin.

Well-known faces have also been involved in sharing blazer images and discussing women’s criticism, barking, and pedaling down, including through dressing.

On Sunday, singer Hanna Pakarinen shared the picture with the hashtags #imwithsanna and # for female hatred.

Many recall that hatred of women is constantly evident in society, for example through criticism of women’s clothing choices.

- As a patriotic person, I cannot accept the hatred of the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

Shouldn't Finland be the model country for equality?

Even if you don’t like all of Marini’s thoughts or actions, commenting on her dress and thereby questioning her professionalism is inappropriate.

It is simply extremely chauvinistic and embarrassing that Finns are hungry for the dress of their own prime minister.

It is patriotic, writes journalist Ina Mikkola in her own publication.

- As I have stated many times that the thing-run out of arguments, begin the appearance of the annotation, and tytöttely whore, Mikko continues.

Mikkola says that as a journalist who has worked in the media for years, he has received a lot of hunger, guidance and belittling related to appearance and style.

- With this picture, I want to show my support for both the prime minister's styling and professionalism, as well as the freedom of women to dress exactly the way they want.

Veera Korhonen, a blogger in style hunting and currently seen in the Biggest Dropper Finland program, asks if the world would change for the next generation of women.

- Do you think that the next or even the next generation should live in a world where a woman's professionalism, character and dignity are not defined, for example, by the neckline?

Unfortunately, there's still a hell of a way to go, but I have to believe that we're going to go a little further all the time.

Faith in Muhu is cast by e.g.

our mighty prime minister, he writes.

Sara Vanninen, one of Finland's best-known bloggers, urges to actively point out grievances.

- Every woman can realize herself by dressing just the way she wants.

What you have on does not say anything about your competence or competence.

Female hatred is a real problem.

Underestimating professionalism based on appearance is one example of the manifestation of female hatred.

These patterns and attitudes are deep, but detaching from them is not impossible.

Let's continue the discussion and point out the grievances!

he hopes in his text.

Also singing group Sabrina and the Daughters of the Islands, Fatim Diarra, President and Vice-President of the Greens Union, blogger Jenni Rotonen and responsible person, blogger and speaker Outi Les Pyy, were also seen in the blazers.