More than half of Americans have hoarded or are planning to hoard groceries in the wake of a new wave of pandemics, according to a survey commissioned by the Sports & Leisure research team, USA Today reports.

“Most Americans are worried about new infection spikes and fear the situation will worsen in many states,” research team leader Jon Last tells USA Today.

Leslyn Hall, 53, who gave an interview to the magazine, plans to procure basic food with her husband, which will be enough for two to three weeks.

The shopping list includes milk, beans and rice.

- We make a big trade trip, as if we were quarantined, Hall says.

Hall said the decision was influenced by fears of a second wave of the corona pandemic as well as the US presidential election in November, which he fears will cause unrest.

Hall, who lives in the state of Vermont, says his local store is already having supply difficulties for some products, even though Vermont is one of the quietest states in the country in terms of corona.

- We are in control of the situation, but still the store shelves are rarely filled, Hall says.

Store shelves yawned in March across the United States. Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters

According to the cargo, while the coronary situation is expected to worsen in the United States, “covid fatigue” is also observed in the country.

While 52 percent of respondents plan to hoard food, 48 percent don’t plan to do so.

According to USA Today, merchants don’t think the situation will get as bad as it did in March-April, when store shelves waved their emptiness as people hoard especially toilet paper and flour.

Retail chains are now supplementing their racing stocks so that there is enough stuff for the winter months if the situation in the United States worsens.

Today, customers increasingly turn to online stores for their grocery purchases.

According to the magazine, 17.2 percent of food purchases are already made online.

Over the past four weeks, demand for toilet paper, among other things, has risen by 14 per cent.

According to the World Statistics Service, more than eight million Americans have already contracted the coronavirus.

Of these, just over five million have recovered and nearly 220,000 have died.