Climate: Extinction Rébellion launches 15 days of mobilization at the Eiffel Tower in France

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Activists of Extinguishing Rebellion deployed banners forming the word "Rebel" on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower on October 11, 2020 in Paris.


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A year ago in Paris, the environmental movement Extinction Rébellion set up a camp on Place du Châtelet, in the heart of the capital.

Several days of occupation to demand action in the face of the climate emergency.

The French activists of this movement born in Great Britain, advocating civil disobedience, launched this Sunday, October 11 their new RIO, "International Revolution of October", a series of actions planned in several cities of France, until October 19.

First action: the wild deployment of a banner on the Eiffel Tower.


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Exctinction Rebellion, live from the Eiffel Tower

...” From the Esplanade du Trocadéro where the view is breathtaking on the Parisian monument, Crocodile is his nickname, films and comments live on social networks, the first act of these two weeks of mobilization.


The climbers have reached the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.

We are approaching the goal ...

 ”, he explains at the microphone of

Marie Casadebaig

, of the France service of RFI.

Very small silhouettes stand out at a height of 60 meters.

There are ten of them busy.

And after twenty minutes of suspense: " 

We're almost there, there, the rebels are deploying a large banner" Rebel "on the Eiffel Tower!

There you go, that's great, bravo!


On a pink background, the word Rebel appears on one of the most famous monuments in the world.

It's a symbol,"

says Koubra, member of

Extinction Rebellion


It is a French symbol, a world symbol.

And somewhere, an image can remain a lot more in history than a lot of actions that we can do, that we continue to do.


🔴Members of Extinction Rebellion (@xrFrance) were also on the Trocadéro for songs and speeches. # ExtinctionRebellion #Paris #RebellionMaintenant #France

  Charles Baudry (@CharlesBaudry) October 11, 2020

Immediate effect


The health crisis has slowed down the actions of the environmental movement in recent months.

But it also reinforced the conviction of these members.

The Covid crisis is a symptom of the environmental crisis,"

continues the activist.

It is not a question of saying: "Let's stop everything".

But fair: at least let's open our eyes and realize that when man no longer uses his car for a yes or a no, when man can no longer go to consume in order to consume, there is an immediate effect.


After the deployment of a giant “REBEL” banner on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, @xrFrance's action continues at Place du Trocadéro!


  Julia (@julia_gln) October 11, 2020

The banner will have remained hung for less than an hour, until the intervention of the police and the arrest of the twenty activists on the spot.

🔴The climbers of @ xrFrance are embarked by the police. # ExtinctionRebellion #Paris #RebellionMaintenant #France

  Charles Baudry (@CharlesBaudry) October 11, 2020

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