Haas stable Romain Grosjean ran into strange difficulties right at the start of the Eifel GP.

Kimi Räikkönen, who started from the 19th starting box, passed Grosjean in the opening round.

Grosjean, who left box 16, fell to last place during the opening round.

In the fifth round of the race, Grosjean, 34, lamented on team radio that he had been struck by the gravel flown by Räikkönen's car.

- I got hit with my finger on gravel flying from Kim's car.

I hope it is not broken.

I can't use my left middle finger.

Hopefully it’s not broken, was heard on C More’s broadcast when Grosjean spoke on team radio.

- Romain reports that the cars in front flew gravel into his cab and caused pain in his hand, Haas-stable confirmed on Twitter.

Despite his painful finger, Grosjean was able to continue the competition.

After 33 laps, he was ranked 15th in the race, the second last of the drivers still on the track.