Government Counselor Riitta Uosukainen said in Yle's Sunday evening Nyberg program that her husband Topi Uosukainen's memory illness has also been seen in the couple's circle of friends.

- It has been weighed who the real friends are.

There are other kinds of people out there, ones who think it’s really pretty good that it hurt them when they’ve done too well.

You can clearly see someone's face, nose and eyes, Uosukainen describes at Yle.

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Uosukainen said that as a former teacher and politician, he “can read people’s faces and faces”.

- It's kind of secret feedback.

Life is human literacy, and that literacy also includes such nasty things.

- But now we have to say in a hurry that in most cases you can see great compassion, help and helpfulness.

A friend's neighbor immediately said that even 24/7, always call and this has also happened when there has been something special, Uosukainen praises.

Topi Uosukainen was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2016. Alzheimer's disease is a progressive memory disease that does not cure.

As the disease progresses, so does the personality of the patient.

Uosukainen says that the progression of the disease is also visible in her husband.

- Topi is neither fierce nor angry and by no means violent.

My husband is still quite bright, brisk, takes action and so on.

He is still an officer and a gentleman, but more sad, quieter and not that enthusiastic, Uosukainen describes.

Riitta Uosukainen says that after her husband's illness, it has become clear who are real friends and who are different “friends”. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

The disease diagnosed four years ago finally came as a surprise, even though the budding signs had begun to show a moment earlier.

- Of course, I couldn't wait to see what was at stake.

This all came as suddenly as the ex-boyfriend’s courtship.

I noticed that there was a change.

No one is so brisk, so accomplished, so witty, so good at various technical things ... He slowed down a bit with the computer, where he was very good, Uosukainen recalls his first remarks.

The former Speaker of Parliament talks about her husband's memory illness in his new book Together - From Passion to Care (Tammi), which will be published on Monday.