In the upcoming First Dating at the Altar episode, the four newlywed couples have each returned from their honeymoon.

The next challenge is when couples get to know each other’s homes and try to live under the same roof.

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Even if moving together was the next step in the program, Emma and Tuomas from Joensuu decided to live in their own homes for the time being.

However, Emma in particular seems annoyed that the couple did not finally decide to change their marriage under the same roof at this stage.

Emma also opens the subject to cameras.

- I told Tuomas that it would make sense to try to live together now.

When there is so little of it in common, there would even be between those common mornings or evenings when to be together.

Because the more time you spend together, the better you will get to know the other, Emma explains.

Photo: Hannu Oikkonen

Later, Emma also discusses a fresh marriage with her boyfriend.

During the conversation, Emma reveals that Tuomas does not seem to be involved in the couple's marriage in a romantic sense.

He also alludes to the common future of the couple who have already given up Thomas.

- There has been a bit of such a speech or such a feeling that we are just on a guy's base.

But I think it’s pretty good to be friends first before going straight into a relationship.

Black feels that Thomas has already given up on this becoming anything more serious.

But let's see, Emma annoys her friend.

Tuomas also discusses his marriage with his friend.

Tuomas states that the couple embraces everyday life one day at a time, without taking on the greater pressures of it.

However, Tuomas admits that the feelings towards Emma are so far more friendly than romantic.

- It's a good feeling now.

Both have a bit of that kind of neutral, a little more friendly mood.

This is better than having the surface tense with both all the time, Tuomas reflects.

Photo: Jonathan Melartin

Already a few weeks ago, Emma hinted to the cameras that Tuomas would have been ready to throw his gloves on the counter when it comes to the couple's newlywed marriage.

- One thing that felt really bad yesterday and today was when Tuomas was ready to throw his style gloves on the counter at this point, Emma revealed to the cameras on a honeymoon.

- I don't understand why you have to think like that at this stage, it shouldn't be like that at this stage, he said.

Emma and Tuomas' taival program has included many challenging moments.

Although the couple has said they appreciate their mutual humor and outspokenness, uncertainty, misunderstandings and a heated exchange have also been seen since the beginning of the season.

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