- We have hunted and arrested four people, says Johan Ljung, officer on duty at the police.

An entrance door at a staircase in a residential building in Länsmansgården was destroyed in the explosion.

Several patrols and helicopters were alerted to the area.

- I was scared, I was resting.

It almost felt like you jumped up from a heart attack when you heard the bang, says a woman who lives nearby.

There is no information that anyone was injured in the explosion and the police classify the crime as general destruction.

Suspicious object nearby

In connection with the explosion, there was also information about another dangerous object at an entrance to a residential building nearby.

- The national bomb squad has taken care of the object, I dare not answer whether the object was sharp or not, says Johan Ljung, officer on duty at the police in the West.

According to the police, there is no danger to the public.

Four police officers to hospital

Two police cars collided with each other at an intersection when they were on their way out to the explosion.

- There are three police officers taken by ambulance with different fractures.

A fourth policeman had no immediate injuries but he was also taken to hospital.

It should not be about life-threatening injuries, says Johan Ljung.