Focus interview丨The "businessmen" with ulterior motives are actually "Taiwan independence" spies colluding with "Hong Kong independence" to set themselves on fire!

  After Tsai Ing-wen took office as the leader of the Taiwan region, the situation in cross-strait relations was complicated and severe.

In order to promote Taiwan independence and undermine the reunification of the motherland, the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities have made continuous small actions.

"Taiwan independence" elements have also become active under the instigation of the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities. On the one hand, these people have stepped up to spy on the intelligence of the motherland's mainland, and on the other hand they want to fish in troubled waters to create noise in the process of peaceful reunification of the two sides.

For example, after the Hong Kong legislative turmoil, some "Taiwan independence" elements began to move around.

  On August 20, 2019, a man was about to be taken away by the national security agency when he was leaving the country in Shenzhen. In his mobile phone, DV and backpack, he found a large number of videos and photos involving the assembly of the Shenzhen Bay armed police and anti-China Propaganda posters of Luan Hong Kong.

Upon questioning, the man was named Li Mengju, a Taiwanese. According to his own account, he was a businessman and came to Shenzhen to discuss business.

  A police officer from the Guangdong Shenzhen Municipal National Security Bureau said: "In addition to being a Taiwanese businessman, he has another identity, that is, a director of the'Taiwan independence' organization'Taiwan United Nations Association for Advancement'."

  The so-called "Taiwan United Nations Association for the Advancement of the United Nations" is a typical "Taiwan independence" organization that has been trying to promote Taiwan's membership in the United Nations.

  A police officer from the Guangdong Shenzhen Municipal National Security Bureau said: "This organization regularly organizes calls for members to go to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the Chinese Embassy in the United States to protest. At the same time, they will visit some foreign dignitaries and parliamentarians and ask for their support. Taiwan joins the United Nations."

  In 2001, Li Mengju went to the United States to study. During his stay in the United States, he often went to a place called Taiwan Guild Hall in New York.

  A police officer from the National Security Bureau of Shenzhen, Guangdong, said: "This hall was originally an organization and organization of the'Taiwan Independence' organization there. Li Mengju went to the Taiwan Hall in New York to participate in various activities and gatherings and got to know many Taiwanese green camps and'Taiwan independence' personnel ."

  Among these "Taiwan independence" elements, there is a prominent representative named Xiao Xihui, known as the "Taiwan independence" magician.

During his stay in the United States, Li Mengju had close contacts and collusion with him.

  After returning to Taiwan, Li Meng Jushun naturally joined the "Taiwan Independence" organization "Taiwan United Nations Association for Advancement".

In the Association for Advancement, Li Mengju performed outstandingly. In just a few years, he was promoted from an ordinary member to a director.

In 2019, after the incident of Hong Kong's legislative amendments, some "Taiwan independence" elements felt that this was a good opportunity to chaos Hong Kong and seek independence. For some "Taiwan independence" elements who have aspirations for official careers, this is a rare opportunity.

  Chen Yalin, an alternate director of the "Taiwan United Nations Association", Li Mengju's good friend, intends to make good use of this opportunity as a rising star in Taiwan's politics.

At the end of July, Chen Yalin found Li Mengju and discussed with him to go to Hong Kong to support the man in black.

  A police officer from the Shenzhen Municipal National Security Bureau of Guangdong said: "Chen Yalin also told Li Mengju that we can't just go, we must bring something to support them."

  In the chat records between Chen Yalin and Li Mengju at that time, Chen Yalin suggested that he was going to Hong Kong to send back.

Li Mengju replied: I will go there when I come back from Tokyo.

Li Mengju also proposed: It would also be good to give the Hong Kong people a petrol card in return.

Chen Yalin urged: Quickly do it, I will send it.

In the chat, they did not forget to emphasize the political capital that they can obtain in supporting the men in black: if they are repatriated, they will directly elect legislators.

After that, Li Mengju began to actively rush for the promotional materials to be brought to Hong Kong.

  While Li Mengju is actively preparing to go to Hong Kong, he is also always watching the activities of the people in black in Hong Kong.

In August 2019, everything was ready. Before leaving, Li Mengju told Chen Yalin that the ticket had been booked, but Chen Yalin suddenly told Li Mengju that he could not go.

  At this time, Li Mengju had just attended a rally in Taoyuan to support Hong Kong's Action in Black. He decided to complete the trip to Hong Kong alone.

On August 18, 2019, Li Mengju flew to Hong Kong by plane.

  A police officer from the National Security Bureau of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province said: "When I arrived at the hotel, I passed the nearby photos to a group of seven who were with Chen Yalin. Chen Yalin ridiculed him at that time and said that you are going to hang the Taiwanese'national flag' there. To send out leaflets."

  Putting down his luggage at the hotel, Li Mengju immediately set off with the prepared flyer.

  A police officer from the National Security Bureau of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province said: "There was an anti-China campaign in Victoria Park in Hong Kong. He saw a lot of people in black gathering in twos and threes at the scene. Some people in black stood on high and gave speeches. In order to narrow the distance between him and these Hong Kong men in black, he also deliberately learned a Cantonese, and when he distributed the flyers, he encouraged them to cheer for them, which means to do what you are doing. Wait until the assembly slowly disperses. When I went there, Li Mengju took the poster prepared for the scene, took a group photo with a so-called Statue of Liberty on the scene, and asked the people in black at the scene to take photos with the leaflet he produced."

  At the event, Li Mengju couldn't wait to send these pictures back to Taiwan.

At this time, someone in the group said that Hong Kong, come on, and reminded him to check political content and mobile Facebook messages from time to time when returning to Taiwan from Hong Kong, and told him to delete Facebook before leaving Hong Kong.

Li Mengju replied: They are still safe at the moment, and how many spare phones are there.

He also thought that asking people in black to sign the leaflets and returning to Taiwan to receive interviews with high-ranking officials could be used as a political gift to Taiwan officials.

  A police officer from the Guangdong Provincial National Security Department said: "In fact, whether it is Li Mengju or Chen Yalin, their participation in these activities in Hong Kong does not mean that they are really concerned about the safety of Hong Kong people and the freedom and democracy of Hong Kong. They actually want to pass. Participating in these matters in Hong Kong can gain some attention and popularity in Taiwan and earn your own political capital."

  From this point of view, supporting the so-called democracy and freedom of the people in black in Hong Kong is nothing but a cost-effective business in the eyes of "Taiwan independence" elements like Li Mengju.

Li Mengju felt that it felt good to show off on the scene like this.

Before coming, he read media reports that the People's Liberation Army had assembled in Shenzhen. At that time, he deliberately asked his business partners in Shenzhen about this.

  Li Mengju said: "Just halfway through business talks, I just asked him by the way. It seems that there are videos on the Internet, like there are some vehicles, and he told me that there are armed police in Shenzhen and no People's Liberation Army."

  Thinking of this, Li Mengju immediately booked a trip to Shenzhen the next day, wanting to find out.

  A police officer from the National Security Bureau of Shenzhen, Guangdong said: “Li Mengju’s motivation for going to Shenzhen was to understand, verify, and confirm whether there was an armed police assembly in Shenzhen Bay Stadium, and then wanted to spy on the armed police assembly. On August 19, 2019, Li Mengju entered Shenzhen. After that, he checked in at a pre-booked hotel near Shenzhen Bay and took a taxi to the Shenzhen Bay Stadium around 10 o'clock in the evening."

  It was late at the time and Li Mengju didn't see the armed police gathering. He went around. In a hotel on the top floor of a tall building, Li Mengju walked around the glass curtain wall and finally determined the best place to watch the armed police assembly.

  A police officer from the National Security Bureau of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province said: "When we went to bed the next morning, Li Mengju couldn't wait to take a taxi and came to this hotel. He went straight to the position he had checked yesterday and sat down. He sat down and looked at the window. With military vehicles and personnel training, Li Mengju quickly took out the DV and mobile phone he carried with him to shoot."

  Li Mengju felt that long-range shooting was not enough. He then went downstairs to the first floor of Shenzhen Bay Stadium and turned on his cell phone near the cordon.

  Li Mengju said: "At this moment, I suddenly heard a hey, and then quickly stepped back and left like this."

  In the video shot by Li Mengju in a hurry, a warning sign prohibiting shooting appeared.

After being scolded by the armed police, Li Mengju did not leave. Instead, he went to the second floor of the gymnasium, put his phone on his waist, and continued to take photos.

  Li Mengju said: "I saw someone wearing a helmet when I walked up, and then I walked inside and heard some drill sounds. I took my phone and recorded a few videos, mainly because I wanted to record that sound, but I didn’t want others to watch it. To."

  After sending the captured content to the group in Taiwan, Li Mengju hurried to the dock to prepare to leave the country, but was arrested by the national security agency according to law.

It was identified that the 16 videos and 48 photos taken by Li Mengju were classified as confidential information.

  A police officer from the Shenzhen Municipal State Security Bureau of Guangdong said: "According to the identification results fed back by the troops, they believe that the photos and videos taken by Li Meng’s residence can be analyzed by professional spy agencies to analyze the number of personnel and main combat equipment in the entire force. The circumstances and the intent and scale of the battle, so the content he filmed has endangered our national security."

  Li Mengju's illegal provision of state secrets for overseas spies seriously endangered national security and will be severely punished by law.

  For a period of time, "Taiwan independence" forces have supported colluding with "Hong Kong independence" elements, inciting and even participating in activities that undermine Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and secession.

After the promulgation and implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law in June this year, Hong Kong's public security and social environment have been greatly improved.

  A police officer from the Guangdong Provincial National Security Department said: "The Taiwan authorities still do not give up, and have set up a special department to provide convenience for Hong Kong anti-China and Hong Kong rioters who fled to Taiwan. The so-called democracy and freedom of the'Taiwan independence' forces are false and plot against Hong Kong Independence is true. If the'Taiwan independence' forces continue to commit such acts, they will violate the provisions of the Hong Kong National Security Law and can be sentenced to three years to life imprisonment."

  There are not a few "Taiwan independence" elements like Li Mengju who colluded with "Hong Kong independence" in private, and even went to Hong Kong to support "Hong Kong independence".

In the recent period, the Taiwanese DPP authorities have refused to recognize the "1992 consensus" embodying the one-China principle, unilaterally undermining the political foundation for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, distorting and attacking "one country, two systems" and seeking "independence" provocations.

No matter what tactics the Taiwan independence elements use to support the Hong Kong chaos or what illegal methods they use to obtain intelligence on the motherland, they will not succeed.

"Taiwan independence" is a historical countercurrent, and any behavior that endangers national unity and harms national security interests will eventually lead to self-immolation.