(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The record of "zero infection" is broken. How does the Chinese community in Prato, Italy fight the epidemic?

  China News Service, Beijing, October 10th, title: "Zero infection" record broke, how did the Chinese community in Prato, Italy fight the epidemic?

  China News Agency reporter Wu Kan

  Recently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Italy has rebounded, and the Chinese community in Prato, which has maintained a record of "zero infection" for 7 months, has not been spared. Chinese people have been infected continuously since September.

  According to Chen Zhou, executive vice president of the Prato Overseas Chinese Friendship Association, there are about 50,000 overseas Chinese in the Prato area, accounting for a quarter of the local population. Most of the overseas Chinese start their own businesses in the "fast fashion" clothing industrial zone. Garment factories are densely populated and are prone to cross-infection. More than 20 people were diagnosed within 3 days of the initial outbreak.

  On September 15th, 19 overseas Chinese delegations from Prato established a joint epidemic prevention working group to help compatriots fight the epidemic.

"The first thing we did was to disclose information about all the confirmed cases, including when they were infected, where they went, who they had contact with, etc., so that the overseas Chinese should not panic or suspicion each other." Chen Zhou said.

  Chen Zhou told reporters that the overseas Chinese in Prato were very conscious and proactively announced their personal information after the diagnosis to help the working group trace the path of infection.

"The cloth factory owner who was diagnosed on September 14 notified the activity track and issued an early warning; there was also a nail salon owner who called every customer who had been to the store to do a nucleic acid test after the diagnosis."

  In order to facilitate the testing of overseas Chinese, the epidemic prevention working group applied to the government, and the local health bureau carried out three large-scale nucleic acid tests in China Street on September 20, 22, and 29.

“Overseas Chinese and Chinese people can be tested nearby without making an appointment in advance. In order to help overseas Chinese who cannot speak the language, we also have translators present to assist.” Chen Zhou said.

  For compatriots who do not have home quarantine conditions, the epidemic prevention working group will help apply for an quarantine hotel from the Health Bureau and send medicines such as Lianhua Qingwen Capsules; the working group has also established an online consultation WeChat group to invite medical experts from Wenzhou to join the group , Provide consulting services for confirmed patients.

  As a key part of Prato's epidemic prevention, more than 5,000 Chinese companies located in the "fast fashion" apparel industrial zone have also adopted strict epidemic prevention measures.

  "Once there is an epidemic in a factory, we require immediate suspension of work, and all employees will undergo nucleic acid testing." said Li Xiaofeng, president of the Italian Chinese Apparel Industry Association.

  He introduced that a cloth factory, two cutting factories, and a dyeing and washing company had already shut down due to the epidemic, the workers had undergone nucleic acid tests, and the factories had been completely wiped out, but they needed to be reviewed and approved by the health department before they could reopen. .

  "You must wear a mask to enter, and use disinfectant after entering. Thank you for your cooperation..." In the picture Li Xiaofeng sent to reporters, this epidemic prevention poster in Chinese, Italian, and English was posted at the door of every company in the Garment Industrial Zone .

  Li Xiaofeng told reporters that all clothing raw materials such as fabrics and coatings are now delivered without contact; customers have also switched from on-site orders to online orders. Some companies have also developed APPs, where product details are displayed on the page, and customers place orders directly.

  "This wave of epidemic is another big blow to Chinese companies that have not recovered their vitality. Many customers have heard that the factory here is no longer ordering after the epidemic has occurred, resulting in a sharp drop in orders." Li Xiaofeng said, fortunately, Prato The overseas Chinese are very united and cooperate with the epidemic prevention work. I believe that the epidemic will pass and business will always get better.