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A 53-year-old Parisian priest was sentenced Friday to five years in prison by the Loiret Assize Court for rape of a deaf and intellectually disabled man, we learned from the Orléans prosecutor on Saturday.

"He was sentenced to five years in prison with the obligation of judicial follow-up for rape and sexual assault on a vulnerable person, at the end of a trial which was held behind closed doors," said the prosecutor of the Republic of Orleans, Emmanuelle Bochenek-Puren, specifying that the priest did not recognize the facts, which took place over nearly twenty years, in the Orleans region.

The victim was 23 years old at the time of the first facts

"The issue of consent was at the heart of the trial, and the court considered that the facts were not consented to due to the intellectual incapacity of the victim," she said.

According to France Bleu, which revealed the information, the victim was 23 years old at the time of the first facts and the two men, who had known each other since their adolescence, saw each other regularly during Christmas period.

The priest had only recognized reciprocal and consented masturbations.


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