, October 10, according to the official WeChat news of the Beijing Cyberspace Administration of China, recently, the Beijing Internet Information Office has repeatedly disseminated illegal acts on the "NetEase News" APP, NetEase Net "NetEase News" channel, and "NetEase account" follow-up links. The person in charge of Netease was interviewed seriously on issues such as violation information, and ordered to conduct self-inspection and correction immediately, make comprehensive and in-depth rectification, and deal with relevant persons in charge seriously.

At the same time, the Beijing Municipal Internet Information Office imposed fines and other administrative penalties on NetEase.

The person in charge of NetEase stated that it will strictly implement relevant laws and regulations, learn lessons deeply, and comprehensively strengthen platform business and personnel management. During the rectification period, the follow-up function of the "NetEase News" APP will be suspended for one week, from 12 o'clock on October 10th. At 12 o'clock on October 17th.

  The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Internet Information Office emphasized that the website platform should earnestly perform its main responsibilities, improve the management system, and must not provide a dissemination platform for illegal information.

The Beijing Municipal Internet Information Office will further strengthen daily supervision, urge relevant website platforms to strengthen internal management, provide services in accordance with laws and regulations, and maintain a clean cyberspace.