• Grosseto.

    A dead man and a seriously injured woman.

    Murder-suicide is hypothesized

  • The shocking Eures data: 1 homicide in the family every 55 hours.

    And in 19 cases the victims were the children


10 October 2020The woman held responsible for her husband's death has been in custody since last night.

The facts happened in Mantua.

The woman allegedly stabbed her husband in their home, then fled and took a room in a hostel where she swallowed a lot of pills.

Here, however, the 53-year-old woman being treated in the psycho-social center called the Carabinieri, confessing to the murder, in full confusion.

The military found the man's body on the bed.

The mother of the 79-year-old victim was also injured.

When questioned after the first treatment, the woman reiterated that she was the perpetrator of the crime, caused by family problems or mental distress.

An autopsy will be carried out in the coming days to establish the causes of the man's death with greater precision.