New Year 2020. Many promises were made even then - and I guess many were related to weight loss.

Veera, 25, decided otherwise, even though overweight had accumulated briskly over the years.

- I did not decide that I wanted to lose weight, but I decided that I would start doing things that are good for myself and make me feel good, Veera says.

In the past, Veera tended to put other people first, leaving less attention to her own well-being.

- I have always been very helpful, and it has brought the urgency of a particular kind of life.

Many things contributed to weight gain

For example, eating for a long time was what hurts.

Something fast, carbonated hot sun here.

Or all day without crumbs and in the evening a whole pizza and chocolates on top.

Veera's weight had also been increased by pregnancy and subsequent hypothyroidism.

Veera eventually lost her energy.

It also began to show in something important to Veera, hunting.

He lives in the natural heart of Kainuu.

- I was tired and grumpy, and I couldn't do anything right.

I didn't like the mirror image either.

The hunting clothes were tight, and it felt like moving around in nature was awkward.

Heavier and more laborious.

Hunting and moving around in nature are a lifestyle for Veera.

Being overweight made it heavy in the end. Picture: Veeran pictures

Cents have left, and energy has come. Picture: Veeran's pictures

“The first pounds left like on their own”

Since the beginning of the year, Veera has already lost 34 kilos.

- The first kilos left as if by thought alone.

It inspired Veera to a few of her eating habits.

He reduced snacking, started drinking enough water, and made eating regular.

Regularity took the blade away from bigger delicacies.

- I have not denied myself anything, but I treat less often and the delicacies are no longer made as much.

Before, I could eat on a telly while watching a whole bar of chocolate.

Now that I take a couple of lines, there will already be a fuss.

A good twist was born.

- When the pounds started to shed, it became nice to move.

At some point it was noticed that he just wanted to go for a jog or in the woods.

Everyone with their style

Veera has not obtained any external help.

He tried a few ready-made food and exercise programs, but they didn’t work.

Adhering to the completed program felt unnecessarily awkward for the shift worker.

- There is no right or wrong way.

Everyone needs to find a way to promote their own well-being.

Encouraging friends has played a big role instead of coaching help.

Before, Veera spent time with friends, especially on the occasion of evening parties, now they make walking dates more often, for example.

- I am a high-spirited and energetic.

I find that I no longer need as much sleep as before.

That’s when I could sleep no matter how much, but I still wasn’t refreshed.

Before and after - you will notice the difference. Picture: Veeran pictures

Old clothes no longer tighten. Picture: Pictures of Veera

"I stopped stressing"

According to Veera, thinking is the most important thing in weight management.

- You have to think about what you need.

What he wants to do and how to challenge himself.

- At some point, I also stopped stressing.

There is no scale at all in our home, but from time to time I went to my husband’s parents at the pound.

And kapas but, a few pounds had always left.