Einstein was bad at math in high school?

The transcript is released, it turns out that he is a "student master"

  [Global Times reporter Aoki] Swiss "Glimpse" reported on the 8th that Einstein, a famous physicist and Nobel Prize winner in physics, has been rumored to have bad math in high school.

For this reason, the Nobel Prize official recently announced his transcript of his high school in Aarau in 1896.

  In the scoring standards at the time, 6 was the highest score and 1 was the lowest.

The transcript shows that Einstein scored 6 points in all 5 subjects of Algebra, Geometry, Projection Geometry, Physics, and History, and 5 points in subjects such as German Language and Literature, Italian Language and Literature, Natural History, and Chemistry, even geography and painting. , Industrial drawing also scored 4 points, the worst is French language and literature, only 3 points.

In general, Einstein's grades were very outstanding in high school, and he was excellent in arts and sciences, which shows that he was a schoolmaster from an early age.

Later, he entered the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich with his outstanding results.