The District Court has taken the man's previous crime into account as a aggravating criterion when measuring the sentence.

The 2013 tango queen Heidi Pakarinen, 44, was on her July 4 last year on her Volvo on Päiviönsaari in Varkaus.

He woke up to a chase situation where the police were on the hooves of a scooter driver.

- At some point I was driving something downtown street and this scooter driver was driving the same street against me, Pakarinen later said during the interrogation.

According to the singer, the driver’s trip was “quite fast-paced and unpredictable”.

I couldn’t really guess what a moped driver would do in a situation.

- I stopped my car in the middle of the street in a situation where a moped driver collided with the front of my car on the co-driver's side.

The situation progressed very quickly, but before stopping, I checked to see that no other vehicles were coming behind me.

Heidi Pakarinen chased after a scooter stockpile, which eventually collided with Pakarinen's car. Photo: Police pre-investigation material

No one was injured in the collision.

Pakarinen's car was scratched at the front bumper and in the back door.

Police arrested the 23-year-old man.

He was found with a telescopic bar, a pepper spray, a shotgun cartridge, and a substance suspected of being a drug.

It turned out that the man had taken over the scooter on the same day and started it by combining the wires.

Together with the scooter, he had driven to the construction site and walked from there to the radio hearing protectors, the cutting saw, the grinder and the strap tying machine, ie property worth EUR 2,820.

The man had tried to take over the light motorcycle with his friend as well, but gave up the intention because the racing game could not be started.

Heidi Pakarinen chased after a scooter stockpile, which eventually collided with Pakarinen's car. Photo: Police pre-investigation material

A police man had followed him at the point when he was trying to break into an installation van.

A neighbor reported the man to the emergency center.

- I ran away on a scooter.

I thought I drove away mainly along the road, but at some point I also drove along the sidewalk, the man described in the interrogation.

The man told the court that he collided with Pakarinen's car because this had come straight ahead.

The man assured that he was driving in his own lane.

He thought the accident would not have happened if the singer had not been hooked.

The district court states that it took the man's account of the collision into account when measuring the sentence.

The district court has convicted the man on July 4 of the incidents of endangering traffic safety, theft and attempted theft of a motor vehicle, theft, attempted theft, driving a vehicle without justice, a drug use offense, and drunk driving.

Heidi Pakarinen managed to stop the garbage chased by the police. Photo: Pete Aarre-Ahtio / IS

0.33 milligrams of amphetamine per liter was measured in his blood.

The law also included on the man’s sin list another right to drunk driving, the right to drive a vehicle, slight embezzlement, robbery, drug offense, assault, and two thefts, one of which involved a man stealing furniture, a shotgun, and 35 feet of underground cable from a hunting lodge.

The district court has sentenced the man to seven months in prison.

He is obliged to pay Heidi Pakarinen, among other indemnities, EUR 200 for the deductible.

The judgment of the Pohjois-Savo District Court is not final.

You can appeal against this to the Eastern Finland Court of Appeal.