Europe is going through difficult days with record numbers of Coronavirus infections, which prompted several countries to tighten restrictions, and the world also recorded the highest weekly toll, while the epidemic worsens in Arab countries such as Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia.

For the first time, on Thursday, Europe counted more than 100,000 cases of the virus in one day, in light of the increasing rise in infections during the past five days in countries including Britain, Russia, France and Germany.

Cases have continued to rise across Europe over the past seven days, although the spread of the disease in some of the most affected countries, such as India and Brazil, has begun to decline relatively.

Europe - which reached 6.2 million people with the epidemic and 240,000 dead - recorded the highest increase in the number of infections, with an increase of 28%, while Asia became the only region in the world that recorded a decline of 7%, according to a census carried out by the French Press Agency.

Britain recorded 22 thousand injuries in one day after a review of statistics, and France counted 18 thousand injuries, and the daily toll in Germany and Italy exceeded 4 thousand injuries for the first time in many months, and record numbers were recorded in other European countries such as Switzerland and the Republic of Skepticism.

Emergency and restrictions

In the face of the acceleration of the epidemic, the Spanish government imposed today, Friday, a state of emergency in the capital, Madrid, and Spain was among the most affected in Europe, with 848,000 injuries, the highest number in Western Europe, and 32,000 deaths.

In France, which is witnessing an increase in the number of patients with the virus in the central care rooms, 20 thousand and 339 new infections were recorded, which is the highest daily rate of infections since the start of the virus outbreak.

The Scientific Council - which provides advice to the government - did not rule out the possibility of re-imposing lockdown measures locally, warning the French that they must prepare to live with the virus until next summer.

Earlier, the French authorities imposed measures, including declaring preparedness in Paris and other cities, such as Marseille, where the epidemic is rapidly spreading.

In Germany, which recorded 4,500 new cases of the virus today, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned today that it will be impossible to avoid the imposition of other specific restrictions if the continuous rise in infections during the next ten days is not curbed.

At the same high rate, Italy exceeded today, for the first time since last March, 5,000 injuries per day, and the authorities in this country had imposed measures, including the imposition of wearing masks in public places.

Italy was the first European country to be hit by the virus, and it witnessed the second largest number of deaths on the European continent.

In Britain, the virus continued to spread at a high rate, with about 14 thousand new infections recorded, a decrease of 4 thousand infections compared to the previous day, however, official data indicate that the average daily infections in England doubled twice within a week.

While Austria did not exclude it imposed new isolation measures after recording a record number of injuries, Poland intends to impose wearing masks in public places, as approved by Italy.

As for Russia, it recorded a record number of new infections with the new Corona virus, according to a toll published by the government, exceeding the previous record number recorded at the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic in the country in May.

The Russian authorities called on citizens to stay at their homes this weekend.

On Russia's western border, Ukraine today counted a new record number of infections with the Coronavirus, with 5,400 infections.

A global boom

The outbreak of the epidemic has clearly accelerated in almost all parts of the world in the last seven days, which witnessed 315 thousand new infections per day at the global level, an increase of 6% compared to the previous week, at a time when the number of infected people in the world was about 37 million.

Today India recorded 70,000 new cases of corona, while the number of people infected with the virus in the United States increased to 7 million and 61 thousand.

The United States is the country most affected in terms of deaths and injuries, followed by Brazil, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom, while Iraq and Saudi Arabia occupy the top Arab countries.

And in Iran, which recently witnessed a record daily toll that exceeded 4 thousand injuries, the authorities announced today that non-emergency patients will not be admitted to hospitals in light of the large numbers of Corona cases.

For his part, the Tehran governor extended the closure of public places in the capital, which are the most affected by the disease.

In a simultaneous development, the United Nations said today that more than 2.7 million migrants wanting to return to their homes are stranded abroad due to the Corona epidemic, calling for international action to address this crisis.


state media reported that Oman would impose a

curfew night and close shops and

public places at night between 11 and October 24 / October this to help contain the

corona virus.

In Jordan, a 48-hour curfew will be in effect from tonight, while classes were suspended until further notice.

And in Tunisia, which in recent days recorded infections with the Coronavirus at a rate of more than a thousand cases per day, the night curfew was expanded to include more governorates, after it included the capital and 3 neighboring provinces.

In Morocco, which yesterday extended the state of emergency in effect for another month, a new record number of 3,500 new infections was recorded today.

Today, Lebanon also recorded the highest toll since the start of the epidemic, with more than 1,400 new cases of the virus.

In Iraq, more than 4 thousand new injuries and 52 deaths were counted today, while the UAE recorded more than a thousand injuries, and injuries were less in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Palestine.

Praying at the Grand Mosque

Meanwhile, the Grand Mosque in Makkah today witnessed the first Friday prayer in the presence of pilgrims after a pause that lasted nearly 7 months due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Pictures and video clips of the Holy Quran Channel, which is broadcast around the clock from the Grand Mosque in Mecca, showed pilgrims sitting in the lobbies of the Grand Mosque, while the Imam of the Haram Saud Al-Shuraim delivering the Friday sermon.

The Friday prayers and the five daily prayers were held during the closing period of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, in the presence of one of the imams and workers in the security and service sectors in the Grand Mosque only.

Saudi Arabia closed the Grand Mosque last March as part of Corona prevention measures, and suspended Umrah before reopening it again last Sunday in a limited way to prevent crowding.