The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has allegedly arrested criminal leader Roger P. in his cell on suspicion of ordering the building of the so-called torture containers in Wouwse Plantage.

His lawyer confirms this to after reporting from

Het Parool


Lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers announces that his client was arrested in his cell three days ago.

It is not new that P. was associated with the containers, but the OM now sees sufficient evidence to prosecute him for this.

P. was arrested in June of this year for involvement in the import of at least two large batches of cocaine in 2015 and 2016. The fact that he played a role in setting up the 'underworld prison' in Wouwse Plantage in Brabant stems from the investigation into EncroChat.

For a number of months, the police could read live with communication between criminals.

According to

Het Parool

, the suspected justice is that P. is hiding behind the name Luxury Balloon.

He would have communicated with a person named Slempo.

According to the OM, this is Robin van O. who is already suspected of being involved in setting up the containers.

The sea containers were discovered in June this year after a police raid.

In addition to various torture tools such as scalpels, a claw hammer, various pliers, loppers, a branch saw, pruning shears and a gas burner, police uniforms were also found.


Police releases images of Brabant's 'torture chamber'