Beauty Christmas calendars have become one of the most anticipated cosmetics purchases for the rest of the year in the last few years.

Calendars can be found in your favorite brands, in different categories and price ranges, on the natural cosmetics side, and in collections made by major beauty online stores.

We opened seven in advance.

The Body Shop Make It Real Together Ultimate Advent Calendar, 149 €

  • 25 hatches

  • The value of the content is € 346.50

  • Promise: Contains pampering and invigorating, both small and full-size surprise products from the brand’s bath, body, hair, face and makeup series.

Rating: 3/5

Assessment: Immediately points for the full size of many products: the calendar is definitely the heaviest on the test, and the large hatches reveal decent products.

The calendar is insanely beautiful and also decorates the home at Christmas.

On the plus side of robustness, this stays solid upright!

The content is a familiar and safe Body Shop and meets basic needs for a few months.

The calendar is really suitable for the traditional cosmetic user.

There are only a couple of more special and interesting skin care products among them, otherwise the content is a very traditional body, hair and shower product.

No product group is overemphasized, but there is clearly less makeup.

However, it is difficult to imagine the content worth more than 300 euros.

A practical Christmas calendar with nothing surprising, but whose products are sure to come in handy.

Remember, the Body Shop is known for its intoxicating world of fragrances.

TwistBe natural cosmetics calendar, 179 €

  • 24 hatches

  • The value of the content is € 380

  • Promise: The hand-packaged calendar includes all the products you need for good skin care.

    The products are useful natural cosmetics, and the product range is diverse.

    Includes 14 full-size, 9 travel-size and 2 sample-size products.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: Cute and cozy calendar!

There is a hand-packed hatch for each day, which is like a Christmas gift package.

It’s wonderful that this is just going to be paper and cardboard waste.

This is suitable for the avid natural cosmetics hippie.

The opener must be really interested in skin care in order to get to know and become familiar with the products.

Some kind of instructions and descriptions would have been a nice addition!

Now many products immediately require google.

The calendar is full of more special curiosity products that are far from basic cosmetics.

Many of the products feel like they wouldn’t need them first in their closet, so a calendar could suit a cosmetics fan who already has it all.

With this calendar, you can really get acquainted with products that might not have ever been caught otherwise.

It is gratifying that Finnish natural cosmetics are also included.

Plus absolutely wonderful, fresh and authentic scents throughout the calendar!

The price is the highest in the test, but the price is also the content - and the craft.

Still, the calendar feels a bit expensive compared to it.

Lyko Luxury!

Sparkling Wishes from Lyko Christmas Calendar, € 95.50

  • 24 hatches

  • The value of the content is € 440

  • Promise: The ultimate skincare luxury.

    Includes products from the best and most expensive brands in the beauty online store.

    For you who want to try new and exciting brands.

Rating: 4+ / 5

Assessment: The bag packaging is a nice idea, but the implementation is poor.

The bag looks cheap and doesn’t feel practical for future use.

The bags themselves are pretty cute, and you can even hang them yourself.

This will also leave bags for the homemade calendar for next year.

On the plus side, the tags found in each bag tell you what the product does.

There is a feeling of abundance in the content!

Some bags reveal up to two products.

Beautiful jars, interesting products, good brands and topical skin care ingredients.

The jury rated the content as ideal for 30+ year olds.

The content focuses specifically on skin care and face, but also includes hair care and a couple of makeup products.

The calendar reveals a few really nice surprises, especially for the skin care professional, but some of the products can stay on the back of the closet, especially with a lazy cosmetic user.

However, you get more than value for money!

Very good value for money.

This could indeed be bought.

Yves Rocher Advent Calendar, € 49.90

  • 24 hatches

  • The value of the content is 134 €

  • Promise: Check out news and favorite products.

    The calendar reveals skin care products, make-up, body and hair care products as well as fragrances.

Rating: 2½ / 5

Review: Lovely looking compact little calendar.

At the same time, the look is beautiful and elegant, Christmas and sweet.

Fits even a smaller table.

Each hatch package has a small description of the product promise.

A versatile package for getting to know and experiment with small and nice travel-sized products.

If you don’t want to make an insane investment in cosmetics, but are craving little beauty surprises for December, this could be your choice.

The content consists of different cosmetic categories from makeup to shower and hair products.

A calendar could be, for example, a joint acquisition of a mother and a little daughter.

However, the content in no way feels any more valuable than the price of the calendar, and there is no luxury in store for these hatches.

Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar, € 89.90

  • 24 hatches

  • The value of the content is € 247

  • Promise: Beauty treasures make the anticipation of Christmas a pampering experience.

    Behind the calendar hatches, 17 skin care and 7 makeup products are revealed.

Rating: 3½ / 5

Assessment: The lumen calendar is pretty, but as in previous years, the calendar doors are difficult to open and the calendar is more difficult to recycle than just cardboard.

The calendar reveals the products of a familiar brand on a large scale.

Only a few products are full-size, and the calendar focuses on skin care.

There are a few makeups included.

Where are the novelties, the intensive care products launched earlier this year?

Lovely vitamin C products, on the other hand, stand out.

If you use Lumene anyway, you can't be disappointed with your calendar.

Practical sourcing and a great test opportunity for many new products.

Pros of domesticity.

The price could be a little lower with this content.

Real Techniques 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar, € 64.90

  • 25 hatches

  • The value of the content is about 95 €

  • Promise: Includes a collection of different makeup, beauty and hair tools.

Rating: 1/5

Assessment: This calendar will be left in the test jumbo place.

The content is disappointing.

The hatches reveal mini-sized and cheap-looking brushes, hair clips and accessories.

The products could work well for brochures starting with makeup, but the price of the calendar doesn’t match the quality of the content.

Where are the brand quality brushes and value for money?

The jury is downright shocked.

Skincity The Skincare Calendar 2020, 139 €

  • 25 hatches

  • The value of the content is € 460

  • Promise: Includes professional skin care, best-selling bestsellers and new acquaintances.

    A total of 30 travel-sized or full-size skin care products are revealed from the hatches.

    An opportunity to get acquainted with the new products, premium products and luxury brands in Skincity's range at once.

Rating: 4½ / 5

Review: Just the calendar pack, i.e. the huge, pocket makeup bag, delights.

That in itself is one gift!

From the signs and products revealed in the hatches, you can immediately see that there are effective ingredients for adult skin on the calendar.

The main emphasis in the content seems to be on acids and cleansing, among other things - creams are almost completely absent.

A small downside to the fact that practicality and basic products are strongly exhausted among the special care products.

Some packages look really small, but several packages also reveal larger package sizes.

With this calendar, you get value for money and get to try many brands and products that you might not dare to buy in full size.

The right choice for the skin care lover who wants to test many new products from more expensive luxury brands.

Photos: Manufacturers

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