The Paris Court of Appeal validates the obligation made to Google to negotiate on neighboring rights

Neighboring rights provide for remuneration for the content of press publishers (photos and videos in particular) used by online platforms, such as Google and many others.

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French justice validates the obligation for Google to negotiate with the press on the issue of neighboring rights.

Neighboring rights constitute a particular part of intellectual property.

In this case it is media content.

Publishers and news agencies criticize Google for using their articles, without sharing the resulting profits.


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Last April, the Competition Authority seized by press editors ordered Google to negotiate "in good faith" on neighboring rights.

The problem is that Google disputes these rights and

refuses to pay online media

for the advertising generated on its search engine thanks to the traffic generated by their content. 

The legislation on neighboring rights is European legislation, France is the first member country to have applied it. 

In its showdown with Google, and soon with other platforms, the Alliance française de la presse de l'Information générale, the main negotiator on the French side, and the company specializing in German neighboring rights VG Media created this summer a company of collective management to negotiate the collection and distribution of payments for content used by online platforms, such as Google or Facebook. 

The aim is to give a strong signal to other Europeans and other countries around the world anxious to support their press in difficulty. 


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