The magazine "Têtu" publishes a vast survey on the difficulty of being homosexual within the armed forces.

Romain Burrel, the managing editor of the quarterly, told Thursday morning on Europe 1 edifying testimonies, reporting insults and bullying.


Stubborn is

tackling the taboo of homosexuality in the military.

The LGBT magazine published an edifying investigation into the "Great Mute", reporting the harassment and bullying suffered by openly gay military personnel.

Romain Burrel, the managing editor of the quarterly, was the guest of Culture media Thursday morning to discuss this investigation, which found its origin in a letter sent by a reader.

"This reader told us that he wanted to get married, but that it was not possible because his boyfriend is in the military. For him, it was unimaginable to be able to marry someone when you are in the army. He knows. that it is an institution that will really attack him if we ever know that he is openly gay, ”said Romain Burrel.

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Harassment, insults and difficulties of advancement



has collected numerous testimonies of harassment against LGBT soldiers.

"We discover that people are harassed, that they are insulted quite regularly, that their advancement will stop. When a trans person imposes himself in the army, he is clearly ostracized," lamented Romain. Burrel, who also points the finger at the military hierarchy.

"It is harassment that comes from the top with a dead end for career prospects. It is the almost daily insults, bullying. One of the witnesses says that he was offered a skirt and nighties as an outfit," told the editor of



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Differences between the army corps

Even a few years ago, homosexuality was a reason to be refused in the army.

"You could not join the army if you were ever openly homosexual. Many homosexuals still did their military service or worked in the army, but they had to keep their sexual orientation silent", recalled Romain Burrel.

But there are real differences between the army corps, according to




"The more recent an army corps, the better it goes. Concretely, it remains very complicated in the Army. In the Navy, it is not easy. In the Air Force, which is a much newer army corps is going better, according to what the people concerned have explained to us. And whether you are powerful or miserable, whether you are an officer or a private soldier, it is not the same thing either ", detailed Romain Burrel.

"We are still at this level, six years after the Marriage for All and 20 years after the Pacs. It's a bit sad anyway."